NRP Customer Interview

New Roof Plus 5 Star Reviews Online

New Roof Plus is “Building New Roofs and Relationships”

New Roof Plus is committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction. Our motto is “Building New Roofs and Relationships”. This motto is truly very important to us. We really believe it all starts with being good people who are enjoyable to do business with. Our goal is to make good friends everywhere we go…and do fantastic work as well.

5 Star Reviews

We want to earn a 5 Star Review from every customer at the end of the roofing installation process. Getting a new roof is a little stressful; dealing with insurance companies and claims, then the installation is noisy, messy and looks dangerous. There is a lot to make a homeowner uneasy. To earn a 5 Star Review, everything needs to go as expected. This requires careful attention to every detail, good business processes and good people who really care.

We are very aware of this intense intrusion and activity involved. We try very hard to take the customer along through the process so there are no surprises. During this video, you can hear the roofers above banging away on the roof, making all kinds of noise. Our customer remained calm!

Watch our latest video and learn a little more about Denver roofing company, New Roof Plus.