Residential Roof Repair & Replacement

Residential Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

Got a Leak?  Got Hail Damage? We can help! New Roof Plus has a Haag Certified Roof Inspector ready to help you fix a roof leak with complete roof repair services. We also offer comprehensive roof replacement services due to hail, wind or other causes. We work with all insurance companies.

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Roof leaks and roofing shingle damage shouldn’t be ignored. A small water leak can lead to big problems with one heavy rain or storm, as we have seen on many of our Denver roofing repair calls. Call us for a free inspection and repair estimate if you think you might have a roof leak or roof damage.

Home with roof damage from a storm found by New Roof Plus Roof Inspector.

Roofing leaks can be caused by several things, including hail, old age, wind storms, tree damage, and more. Hail is the usual cause and can damage to shingles, leaving gaps for water. Wind can peel back shingles causing gaps in coverage. Human foot traffic is a very common cause as well. Homeowners will occasionally walk on their roof and step on areas where shingles come together in a valley – the weight of their step can damage the protection, causing a leak.

Do I Need Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

When your roof is leaking, it is hard to know how significant the damage or problem may be. Very common areas for roof leaks are the roof penetration areas – vent pipes, swamp coolers, and chimneys for example. These are the areas where flashing material can wear out due to exposure or weather-related causes. Some of these roof penetrations have old rubber fittings that worked great for twenty years – but no longer.Roof damage in 80015 Centennial Colorado in May 2023. New Roof Plus replaced this damaged roof.

The Denver roof repair calls we get at New Roof Plus often come to us many months after the problem began. Sometimes a slow leak is hard to notice. The low humidity, high altitude, and extreme temperature fluctuations that we enjoy in Colorado can lead to a lot of problems with roofs.

In Colorado, rapid heat expansion and cold contraction can cause problems on many different roof systems – including residential and flat roofs on commercial buildings. However, most roof leaks are sourced to “roof penetrations” from vents, chimneys, or other roof accessories mounted on the roof and can be fixed with roof repair efforts.

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Residential Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is required when a hail storm, wind event or old age has caused damage to the extent that it does not allow for a repair effort to fix the problem.

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A roof inspection will help you determine if this Hail damage from the recent hail storm that hit Centennial and other areas in the situation. We offer this as a free service for homeowners.

In this image, you can see the impact marks from hail on this roof in Centennial, Colorado. The roof had hail damage that had penetrated the shingle surface. This level of damage requires a full roof replacement.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will outline your deductible and the requirements to qualify for a roof replacement paid for by the insurance company.

DIY Roof Repair

Roof leaks can be tricky to solve sometimes. A trained expert roof repair professional at New Roof Plus has the experience of solving other leaks so they will likely be better at it than a first-timer. It is not uncommon that the source of a leak is not in the area where the water is coming through into the building.

Flat Roof repair Denver
Flat roof problem

Here are a few ideas to help you if you want to find a leak on your roof.

  • The first place to look is above the leak in the house. Try to pick the spot directly above it on the roof. It is rarely this simple – but start here.
  • Next, check any roof vent or roof pipe protruding from the roof. Often this penetration may have lost its flashing or its sealant. Inspect these types of protrusions carefully for missing parts, cracks, holes, or sealants.
  • Expand the search area. If there are no suspects in the area, expand your search area. Water can run a long way without being seen.
  • Check for missing roof tiles, shingles or tears. Sometimes wind can blow off a shingle or tile and leave an exposed spot for water to penetrate. This can be especially true if snow or ice has accumulated and the water drips slowly into the decking below. Inspect the roof for any obvious missing shingles.

    Roof with hole in it. New Roof Plus fixed this problem.
    Roof repair is needed here!
  • Finally, there can be damage to a roof system caused by human foot traffic on the roof.  The weight of a human stepping in the wrong area on your roof can cause breakage to shingles or flashing.

These are just a few ideas. You have to find the evidence and then begin to piece it all together to solve the problem. Let us know how you did and if our suggestions were helpful! Of course, if you would like our professional help we would welcome that as well.

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