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Commercial Roof Replacement, Repair, & Inspection

New Roof Plus is a local commercial roofing expert for commercial roof replacement, repair, andNew flat roof installation inspection. New Roof Plus serves all of the Colorado Front Range.

Our teams service all commercial roofing systems. This includes but is not limited to modified bitumen, EPDM roofing, commercial metal roofing, rubber roofing, TPO roofing, and other built-up roofing systems. We are Haag Certified for Commercial Roof Inspections.

The experts at New Roof Plus have the experience and the teams that can handle the commercial roofing job you are looking to get done.

Commercial Roofing Services

New Roof Plus provides commercial roofing services for Denver and the surrounding metro area. We service buildings of all sizes and types with commercial roof repair, replacement, and maintenance programs. We service all commercial flat roof surface types and roofing systems.

New Roof Plus has been very busy with flat roof repair and new commercial roof installations of all types across the entire metro area due to the devastating impact of all the hailstorms that have hit us throughout this year and last. Our specialty is storm damage roof replacement, repair, and the complete installation of commercial roofing systems.

The Managing Partner and Roofing Project Manager at New Roof Plus is Greg Jones. Greg is a rare Colorado native, born and raised in Littleton and now living in Highlands Ranch. Greg went to high school at Highlands Ranch High School and has raised his family there – so he is a true Coloradoan, a real local neighbor who understands our area. You can read more about Greg, his roofing credentials, and his experience on our About Us page.

Great Reviews for New Roof Plus

The motto at New Roof Plus is “Building New Roofs and Relationships” and we work hard to do that every day with every customer. But don’t take our word for it, read our reviews to see what others have to say.

Standing water on flat roof

Our goal is to be the best commercial roofing company in Colorado. To achieve this, we know that every commercial roof replacement we install requires our very best effort, close attention to detail, quality roofing materials, a strong bond with our client (you), and consistent communication. Satisfied customers will drive our growth. Our many reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp reflect our hard work in customer satisfaction.

Commercial Roofing Inspection for Hail

Hail-damaged commercial roofs have resulted in millions of dollars in insurance claims. If your building is located anywhere on the Front Range, chances are good that the commercial roofing system on your building was hit by some hail or wind damage. The damage could be zero or it could be substantial. We offer a no-cost inspection for damage – and we are certified for commercial roof inspections at the highest levels.

Commercial Roof Inspector Certified

Commercial Roof Inspector Badge
Certified Roof Inspector

New Roof Plus is a local Denver and Front Range Colorado Commercial Roofing Contractor. Our teams work on commercial, multi-family, and residential homes, providing high-quality roofing options – from traditional asphalt impact-resistant roofing shingles or wood shake for residential roofing to standing seam metal roof types and stone-coated steel roofing to commercial buildings with complex flat roof systems. We work on built-up roofing systems, EPDM, TPO, and all roof coating applications.

Green Roofing Consulting

Many towns throughout the Colorado Rocky Mountain region are adding new elements to their roofs including Green Roofing. Solar roofing options are generating a lot of interest. Additional considerations are white roofing surfaces to cut down on cooling costs, live roofs – with real vegetation growing to reduce heat and add oxygen, and other innovative solutions. If green roofing processes are of interest, give us a call. Every building has its opportunities and challenges when it comes to green roofing.

Free Commercial Roof Estimate

If you are a property manager and you need a new roof, a commercial roof repair, or just need to start with a roof inspection, call us. We are certified at the highest levels in the commercial roofing industry to find and assess any damage to commercial roofing systems. Our teams have seen it all and have the years of experience and knowledge to execute a beautiful flat roof installation, plus other exterior projects like gutter repair and skylight installation. If using the best commercial roofing company is important to you, we are a great choice.

Local roofing companies have flourished recently due to all the hail storms. Our area was one of the hardest hit in the entire United States over the past two years. Damage repair costs were in the billions. Strong winds damage roofs in huge numbers as well. Commercial roofing products and materials such as modified bitumen, EPDM roofing, rubber roofing, TPO roofing, and other built-up roofing systems were severely damaged in many areas.

Local Commercial Roofing Experts

The downside to all the storms we get here in Colorado is the influx of what are called “Roofing Gypsies” – these are the storm chasers that come to town to sell a few roofs and then leave for some other town when the storm is over. We have all heard the stories about roofing scammers who take customer insurance checks but do not do the work or do shoddy work at best.

This is why it’s safer and smarter for local building owners to work with truly local commercial roofing contractors, like New Roof Plus. For any commercial roofing repair and replacement work, go local and call a local Colorado commercial roofing company.

Repair Storm Damage to Your Flat Roof System

If you have commercial roof damage caused by hail, wind or even ice, you have found the commercial roofers building owner’s trust! There are many types of roofing systems and we have the experience and the credentials to manage all of them.

If you read our reviews you will see that our satisfied customers appreciate the quality workmanship of our roofing repair and replacement. You have many roofing contractors to choose from so we know we have to earn every customer’s trust and business. Usually, people will first look at reviews, then fill out an online form or make a call to the company they feel looks best.

Commercial Roof Repair & Maintenance Programs

Storms and other events can cause a roof problem that you may or may not know about. This is why we offer roof repair and maintenance programs. Hiring us to check your roof on a regular basis will give you that attention to detail, fix small problems as they arise, and can help extend the life of your commercial roof system.

Most of Colorado’s roof problems for flat roofs come from neglect. To get started, with all our roofing clients, we give you a free inspection and estimate. If we find there is a problem with your, hail and storm damage is usually covered under your home or building insurance plan and we have years of experience to help you through that process as well.

Commercial Roofing Insurance Claims

Denver commercial roofing job underway at night
Denver Commercial Roofing

Our mission as a commercial and industrial roofing and exterior restoration company is to fully maximize the relationship and experience customers have when dealing with a roofing or exterior insurance claim. Most roofing companies, commercial and residential, make the insurance company out to be the bad guy, but we feel otherwise.

We have many very strong and long-term relationships with insurance agents. All of these insurance agents want their customers (you) to have a good experience in getting your building restored to its previous pre-storm health.

We feel that when we work together with building owners and insurance companies in a positive, intelligent, and cooperative relationship, our customers (you) get treated very well and ultimately benefit from the greatest insurance policy coverage available.

Commercial Roof Inspection and Commercial Roofing Estimate

New Roof Plus offers this high-level commercial roofing inspection service at no cost (free) to the building owner. A professional roof inspector will inspect your commercial roof and give you a detailed analysis of its condition. Should your flat roof have sustained damage from a storm or other influence, he will give you the information you may need to proceed with an insurance claim for your commercial or flat roof roofing project.

Haag Roof Certifications are rare for a local roofing contractor and they are even rarer when including all of the front range and the entire state of Colorado. Taking the initiative to continually learn and develop the best roofing processes in the business is what Greg and the New Roof Plus team are all about.

We are building the best roofs, with the best quality commercial roofing materials and building the best relationships one customer at a time. The experts at New Roof Plus hope to build a great relationship (and maybe a roof) with you too! We aim to be THE commercial roofing company you would definitely recommend to friends and associates!

Haag Certified for Denver Commercial Roofing

New Roof Plus is also Certified for Commercial Roof Inspections with Haag. If you are a commercial building owner and you are concerned about the long-term integrity of your commercial roof, New Roof Plus can be a long-term partner.  We are true roofing experts who are certified at the highest level to give you an assessment of your building’s roofing system.

A commercial roof is usually considered a low slope roof and most flat roofs require a roofing professional with a special skill set – different than residential roofing or steep-sloped installations. Even gutter repair can be a complex system on a commercial roofing repair project!

Commercial Roofing Inspector Certification

Denver boomed and has seen many new commercial buildings, including downtown, areas along the I-70 Corridor, Federal Center area and many more that have sophisticated flat roof systems. A massive hail storm, as we have seen recently, can do substantial damage. If you own a low-slope building or manage a commercial building with a flat roof system, you should have it inspected for issues – even if it is a new building.

Commercial Roof Inspector Badge
Commercial Roof Inspector Certification

As part of an asset management program, you want to have contractors who are familiar with building codes across the State. Denver Commercial Roofing Codes vary and require experience to comply. Click here to go to the Denver Commercial Roofing Codes information

Commercial roofs and industrial low slope or flat roofs with roof coating are prone to water pools so you want to make sure all water is diverting off the roof as designed. Some fluid-applied systems may be the correct remedy to issues like this.

Metal roofing, while many would think it is hailproof or impact-resistant, often is not. New Roof Plus has installed many variations of metal roofing systems on both residential and commercial roofs. If you have a vision of a new metal roof on your building, give us a call for a free estimate and brainstorm for ideas and suggestions from one of our roofing project managers.

Business owners of commercial structures often have regular roofing maintenance programs in place to ensure the long-term viability of their roof system. New Roof Plus can help you if this is something you would like to learn more about your roofing project.

Commercial Roofing Company Near Me

Asphalt shingles with Hail Penetration
Roofing Services in Denver

Being a local commercial roofer in the Denver Metro Area, we believe in doing the right thing, and being honest and fair.

We are building New Roof Plus one customer at a time with the hope that your experience with your commercial roof repairs or roof replacement is excellent and it will lead you to recommend us to business associates, family members, and friends. We always seek feedback to learn how we can improve our customer experience. The world has changed and consumer experiences are easy to share – good or bad. But we want to know how we are doing and seek to always do better.

Colorado is home to New Roof Plus.  We grew up here, we know and love the people and we love commercial roofing. Coloradans appreciate being treated with respect and honesty. It’s our goal to reflect that, be good citizens, and do great roofing work, one customer at a time.

New Roof Plus also believes in working locally as much as possible. Johns Manville is one of the world’s largest roofing materials manufacturers and they are based here. Owens Corning also has a manufacturing plant in north Denver. Our company supports these local companies as they make great products and provide many excellent jobs to our economy.

Commercial Roof Insurance

We work with all insurance companies. Insurance companies recognize our experts at New Roof Plus are experienced and understand what is required for a smooth transaction. This is why so many insurance agents recommend us for commercial roofing projects.

We look forward to being your preferred contractor for flat roofing and commercial roofing contractor. Also serving Colorado Springs and Fort Collins areas, providing quality products, materials, installations, and service for flat roof repair. We serve all commercial roofing needs.

New Roof Plus is located at 110 16th St Mall, Suite 1455  Denver, Colorado, 80202.

We are open Monday-Saturday with 24 Hour Answering. Closed Sunday

For additional information, you can call us at (303) 974-5218.

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