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We are a locally owned Denver Colorado roofing and exterior company. We are based in Denver CO but we serve the entire Front Range from Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver to Colorado Springs. We work on all roof types - from residential roofs to technical commercial roof systems on flat roof buildings to Hail Proof Roofing Solutions.

Professional Certified Roof Inspectors

Our roofing inspectors are Haag Certified. We are not your typical Denver roofers. Before you let someone crawl up on your roof, find out their qualifications first. Read about our Haag Certification below. If your home was impacted by hail or wind, you may have roof repairs that need attention. Give us a call today to Schedule a FREE Roof Inspection by a Certified Roof Inspector. Or fill out the form on this page and we will contact you ASAP to discuss your roofing project.

Read Our 5 Star Reviews

We are roofing contractors who work really hard to do a great job for every customer. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We care about every detail to make sure our customers have the highest quality material installed and have a great experience with their roof replacement. You can read a few of our reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook to hear what others say about New Roof Plus customer satisfaction.

Free Inspection by a Professional

If your roof looks like it has hail or storm damage, we can give you a Free CERTIFIED professional roof inspection and estimate. Hail and storm damage is usually covered under your building insurance plan and we have years of experience to help you through that Insurance Claim process as well.

Building New Roofs and Relationships

Many Denver roofing companies make the insurance company out to be the bad guy but we feel otherwise. We have very strong and long-term relationships with Insurance Agents across the state. All of these agents want their customer (you) to have a good experience in getting their home restored to its previous pre-storm health. We feel that you protect yourself best when we work together in a positive cooperative relationship. As a result, our customer (you) gets treated very well and with the utmost care, and insurance coverage available.
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Why Use a Certified Roof Inspector?

New Roof Plus Managing Partner Greg Jones is a Haag Certified Residential Roofing Inspector and also a Haag Certified Commercial Property Roof Inspector. Haag Certification tells you, as a home or building owner, that this certified roofing professional is highly experienced, highly trained and has fine-tuned their ability to find and assess damage from a hail storm, wind storm, old age or other cause where it exists.

Commercial Roof Inspector Badge
Haag Certified Roof Inspector

To earn this designation as a Haag Certified Roofing Inspector, one must prove a deep understanding of the latest hail damage assessment techniques for repair and replacement of residential and commercial roofing, with successful completion of an extensive exam. Greg’s experience, knowledge, and Haag certification will give you the confidence that you have one of the elite inspectors in the country inspecting your roof. This would include all types of roofing including residential homes and commercial roof replacement inspections.

New Roof Plus offers this inspection service at no cost (free) to the building owner. Greg will inspect your roof and give you a detailed analysis of its condition. Should your roof have sustained damage from a storm or other influence, he will give you the information you may need to proceed with an insurance claim or roof repairs.

Haag Certifications are rare in the Colorado Front Range roofing industry and they are even rarer when including all roofing contractors across the entire state of Colorado. Taking the initiative to continually learn and become the best in the business for all types of roofing is what the New Roof Plus team is all about. We are building the best roofs and the best relationships one customer at a time. We hope to build a relationship (and a new roof) with you too!

Hail-Proof Roofing in Colorado

A hail-proof roof sounds appealing. Replacing your roof is a hassle and an expense. Is there such a thing as a hail proof roof? The answer is YES. There are a few options for you to consider. Some have stronger warranties, some have more options for colors and style, some are more expensive. We can help you wade through the choices.

Hail-proof rubber shingles
Hail Proof Shingles

There is a company called Euroshield that offers a Hail Proof roofing system made from recycled tires. It looks like real shake or slate but it is literally rubber. Hail bounces off of it. One of their products is warrantied up to 4″ hail – that is massive hail. This is a picture of the material. It looks like slate, but it’s rubber. It sounds weird but it looks great, has a huge warranty and you won’t replace the roof again in your life. Click here to learn more about hail proof roofing.

Reviews Tell the Real Story

The customer experience is our top priority and is extremely important to us. We are very in-tune with our clients to make sure we are working together and on the same page at all times. Our review portfolio is growing every day, thanks to our great clients, who are willing to take the time to write some kind words about us.

We are a family owned Colorado roofing company that provides quality workmanship, attention to details, and a great experience for the customer. As a fullservice roofing contractor, we have a history of going the extra steps to ensure our client is well cared for.  Read more New Roof Plus Reviews here or check out our rating with the BBB and BBB reviews also. If you would like to view some of our photo galleries, visit our Google My Business page and read our blog. Here you will find the stories behind the pictures from some amazing hail storms and roofing installations at New Roof Plus.

We are serving Denver, building our roofing company one satisfied customer at a time.  Our hope that your experience is excellent and it will lead you to write a great review about us.  We will do well for years if our customers recommend us to family, friends, and neighbors. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We always seek feedback to learn how we can improve our customer experience. The world has changed and consumer experiences are easy to share – good or bad. We want to know how we are doing and seek to always do better.

Denver CO and the entire Front Range is a wonderful place to live and we love the people, the climate, the mountains and our way of life. We don’t want to be viewed as just another one of the Denver roofers. Whether you own a residential home, multifamily unit or commercial building, Coloradans appreciate being treated with respect and honesty. It’s our goal to reflect that, be good citizens and do great work, commercial and residential, one customer at a time.

Insurance We Work With

We work with almost every insurance company including Allstate, Farmers Insurance, Amica Insurance, USAA Property and Casualty, MetLife, Nationwide Mutual, Hartford Financial, Liberty, Travelers, State Farm, American Family, Chubb, Pure Insurance and more… If your insurance company is not listed here, contact us to find out how we can help. We understand the insurance claim process. We are not legal advisors but we are experts in roof inspection and roofing installation so our advise and hail damage insight given to homeowners, business owners, and claims adjusters is founded on industry-leading training and experience.

Most homeowners and business owners begin roof damage investigation with a call to their insurance company.  Some insurance companies arrange an adjuster to come to your building, some recommend you call for a professional roof inspection. Either way, your potential roofing project will likely involve a Denver roofing company at some point.

Insurance for a commercial roof replacement oftentimes requires a much more involved and detailed analysis since the costs can be very significant. This is where using a Certified Commercial Roof Inspector can be extremely valuable. Using a Certified Roof Inspector and project manager like you will get with New Roof Plus is just another way you can protect yourself when going through residential roof replacement, multifamily or flat roof replacement.

Claim Assistance

We are not lawyers and we do not work for the insurance company. We are Denver roofing contractors who work for you. We also happen to be expert residential and commercial roofing inspectors who know how to read an insurance claim inside-out because we work with them every day. An insurance claim can have industry jargon and abbreviations. You call them roof shingles, they call them asphalt shingles or something completely different. Claim assistance means we can help analyze your roof and identify residential roof repair needs or issues. Same for commercial property or multifamily unit buildings. We can often find problems that your insurance adjuster may have missed on your claim.

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Denver Roofing Company

What are the best questions for you to ask when interviewing a roofing company you are considering?

  • What are Your Credentials and Reviews?
    • There are no restrictions on who can claim to be a roofer in Denver. Find out if they are certified and have credentials you can look up online.
    • Check out their reviews. If they are on their game, they will have a lot of 5 Star reviews on many sites. Google is a great guide to quickly find good roofing companies in Denver. BBB is good too.
  • Are You Truly a Colorado Roofing Company?
    • A lot of roofers flock to Colorado to feast on the hail damage from the storms we get every year. When they are full, they go home or go out of business – leaving you with no warranty follow up. A lot of companies hire characters of low esteem to sell roofs too. It’s safest to just go with truly local Denver roofing contractors.
  • What Similar Projects Have You Done Recently?
    • If you are installing a complicated roofing material, make sure they know what they are doing. Ask for some photo’s of the work, an address you can check out and a reference to call. If it’s regular asphalt shingles, it’s not very complicated. If it’s a hail proof stone coated steel roof that is going to costs tens of thousands, get some references.
  • Are You Licensed and Insured?
    • You would assume they are since roofing is dangerous work,  but get some proof.
  • Do You Provide a Written Estimate? And Does Your Quote Include All Costs?
    • Get it in writing. It’s good for all parties involved. Insurance work can have some complications after you peel back the old roof, but this should not mean more costs to you. If the estimate is in writing, everyone will know what is being covered.  What is not covered will not be in the estimate, this way everyone involved understands what to expect. Attention to detail is just good common sense.

New Roof Plus looks forward to being your fullservice roofing contractor. We are repair and replacement Denver Roofers providing quality workmanship and quality materials for commercial and residential roof replacement. We are family owned with offices in Englewood and Highlands Ranch. We service the entire front range from Boulder and Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Lakewood COLittleton and all the beautiful cities and towns of Colorado in-between.

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