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Looking for a Certified Denver Roof Inspector? Maybe your roof has hail damage. Your roof is leaking. Your roof may have lost some shingles in a wind storm. Perhaps you are starting your process for roof replacement or roof repairs.

Bottom Line: You’d like to know if the roof is okay.  New Roof Plus is certified to help you.

We are Haag Certified for roof inspections at the highest levels in the roofing industry. We are a Colorado-born and bred company serving the entire front range, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Boulder and all cities in-between. We have experience inspecting all types of roofing material, roofing manufacturers and roofing systems for the home or commercial building.

Roof Inspection with New Roof Plus

Our inspection process begins with a Haag Certified roof inspector. Many Denver roofing companies will offer “an inspection”, but the person doing the inspecting may have no real training whatsoever. They may not know anything about your particular roofing system. With New Roof Plus you will meet a Haag Certified Inspector who is trained at the highest levels in the roofing industry. Haag Certification lets you know as the building owner, whether a residential home or commercial building, that the person doing the inspecting is qualified, certified and experienced to give you a complete and thorough roof inspection.

Your Roof System Inspection

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Residential Roof Inspector Certification

Our roof inspection process will carefully analyze each element of your roofing system. Homeowners may not consider their roof “a system”, but every roof has many components that work together as a system to provide the protection needed to keep moisture and the elements outside where they belong. Your building’s roofing system has weaknesses and strengths. Years of training and first-hand experience give great roof inspectors the insight to search out possible problems for all types of roofing.

Denver CO roof inspections identify hail damage, roof penetration issues, drainage issues, improperly installed roof material and other sources of problems to a roof system. Hail is the classic damage most people are familiar with when it comes to roofing problems. Property owners know that severe weather in Colorado often leads to issues with roofing installations. Normal wear and tear to a roof covering usually include a lot of abuse over the course of a roof lifetime. A regular thorough roof inspection is usually warranted.

Commercial Roof Inspections

Commercial building codes are more demanding than residential. City and county regulations vary by area so there is much that a contractor needs to be up to speed on. The County of Denver has particularly stringent requirements – different than Colorado Springs might have or Fort Collins.

Property managers also have a vested interest in keeping up with building codes and maintaining a secure roof for the building they manage.  A complete and thorough roof inspection can help foresee future issues.

Commercial roof problems – usually flat roofs, also have many potential issues. Standing water is the obvious problem with flat roofs. Water needs to have effective evacuation designs.

Commercial buildings also have complex roof systems. These systems all have unique strengths and weaknesses.  Roof ventilation, air conditioning units, and many other building operations often involve attachment on the rooftop. We know how to identify where the problems are and how to remedy them. After your inspection, you will know if you need roof repairs, roof replacement or not. You will also know the source of the problems, be it hail damage, which may qualify for insurance protection.

Best Denver Roof Inspections

Knowing who is good and who is not is a challenge with all contractors. How do you know if you are picking a good roofing company? One way is to read the reviews. Do your research and see what others say about a given company. New Roof Plus works very hard for every customer we work with to ensure a good experience. Our goal with every client is for them to write us a 5 Star review about their experience.

Certifications for Roofing Inspection also let you know the person you are working with takes their occupation seriously. We are Certified with Haag. This grueling training and certification is expensive, difficult, time-consuming and requires a commitment by the contractor. We have committed to Certification for Commercial and Residential Inspection. Each building type has different requirements and expertise foundations.

A Guiding Hand Through Your Project

New Roof Plus can help you through the full project. Starting with inspection, if repair or replacement is required, we have the teams in place to manage it all for you. In addition to roofing, we are experienced in all the exterior elements, so we can help you bring it all together as one new exterior package for your home or building.

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We serve the Denver Metro Area, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs plus all points in-between. Give us a call to learn more about our Colorado roof inspection process. Or fill out our form and we would be glad to call you at your convenience.

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