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image of metal shake roof from DECRA
DECRA Shake roof

Stone Coated Steel Roofing is a popular choice for homeowners in Colorado due to its durability and strength in storm conditions.

Metal roofing has come a long way from its original look. For decades, roofing companies have been installing corrugated grey metal sheets and colorful standing seam metal roofing. But there is a newer advanced metal roofing option to consider which is a metal roof installation, that looks more like concrete tiles, clay tile, cedar shingles, or wood shake. It’s called Stone Coated Steel. There are several manufacturers including DECRA and Boral.

New Roof Plus provides stone-coated steel roofing installation in Denver and across the entire Front Range. We are big fans of DECRA, the leader in this beautiful stone-coated steel metal roofing material. DECRA’s roofing systems offer a beautiful, high-performance, lightweight shingle truly unlike any other roofing product. DECRA’s Stone Coated Steel System is ideal for new construction or for complete roof replacement in residential or commercial roof applications. We have installed DECRA stone-coated steel roofs across the Front Range, Denver Metro Area and mountain communities. You can check out our reviews on Google or the BBB to read about the experiences of others with our DECRA installations.

New Roofing Ideas for Old Roofing Problems

Stone Coated Steel roofing solutions are of particular interest to home and building owners looking for new technology answers to old roofing problems like wind damage, hail damage, wood shingle rot, HOA requirements for non-combustible roofing material, asphalt roofing shingle replacement, and more. Green roofing advocates are attracted to DECRA stone-coated metal for many of its advantages over the long term. It is durable and does not use trees in its manufacturing. New Roof Plus is often referred to by DECRA as an installer of their system. The installation process requires the experience and knowledge that New Roof Plus has for you.

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DECRA has many architectural benefits as well and has become popular with both residential and commercial roof uses. It comes in many styles and colors. Below is a list of the many options available:


DECRA Tile offers the beauty and style of Mediterranean Clay Tile with the lightweight components of

metal roof from DECRA
DECRA Villa Tile roof

stone coated steel; Its modern technology meets old-world charm and style. A DECRA Tile roof adds the classic elegance people seek who add traditional tile to their roof. The major benefit of DECRA metal tile is its long-standing reputation for performance, longevity, and versatility. DECRA Tile is an excellent alternative to traditional clay or concrete tile products.

DECRA Villa Tile

DECRA’s Villa Tile gives you the beauty of old-world Italian tile combined with the superior performance of Decra products. Durable and lightweight, Villa Tile requires little to no maintenance and is walkable.


DECRA Shake is the desired metal roofing solution for the replacement of old shake roofing. DECRA Shake looks like a traditional shake or wood shingle but without environmental concerns. It provides the beauty and richness of real cedar shake while delivering the durability and longevity of stone-coated steel. This advanced roofing technology comes in a range of colors guaranteed to complement any architectural style or color.


DECRA Shake XD is designed to emulate the look of thick-cut wood shingle. It offers the beauty and richness of cedar shake while providing the durability and longevity of stone-coated steel. This superior product is available in a diverse range of colors guaranteed to compliment many roofing types and any color scheme.

DECRA Shingle XD

DECRA Shingle XD gives the appearance of heavyweight roofing material with the lightweight reality of

Metal shake roof
DECRA Shake roof in Black

stone coated steel. Shingle XD provides a deep shadow line for each shingle to give dimensionality and character to a roofline.

DECRA Ratings and Statistics

Per the DECRA website, here are some of the statistics: “Non-combustible (Class A rated material), 120 mph wind warranty, Transferable 50-year limited warranty, Interlocking panels provide protection against the elements, Impact resistant – Class 4 to UL 2218 by Underwriters Laboratories (highest rating available)”

Please call us for details on product warranties.

Roof Inspections from New Roof Plus

New Roof Plus conducts roof inspections every day. We are certified and trained to recognize a roof that is secure and one that is not.  We know when a roof should be replaced. We also understand what an insurance company needs to see to replace a roof. Our goal is to provide the information required to make the assessment complete We work to help both the owner and the insurance company determine the course of action that should be taken.

Honest Assessments

Our job as roof inspectors starts with being honest to all parties and making sure the property is properly protected and safe. If a roof needs replacing we know it and we will provide you a detailed analysis to further in an insurance claims situation. We are not legal experts nor do we give legal advice. If a roof is not damaged, we will not lie to anyone about it – even if a customer presses us to do so. It’s not our way to do business. Unfortunately, there are many roofing companies willing to do just that. You can usually spot them a mile away too so be careful who you choose.

Free Roof Inspections from New Roof Plus

We will inspect your roof at no cost. We will give you a report on what we found, the condition of your roof, and if appropriate, an estimate for repairs or replacement.

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