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Hail Proof Roofing for Denver Homes

image of steel shake roof from DECRA
DECRA Steel roof

Is there such a thing as hail proof shingles for Denver Colorado and the Front Range? We get hit all the time with big hail and some building owners have had to replace their roof multiple times in a few years. This can be expensive and frustrating for a building owner. The challenge of finding a “hail proof roof” solution is that disasters come in many shapes and sizes.  Tornado winds can destroy most anything. Some hail is so large that it too can damage most any material in its path. What is a realistic expectation to hail proof your home in Colorado?

As you research the Best Hail Proof Roof solutions, you need to consider the following criteria: Budget, Roof type – steep or flat, and Aesthetic look – materials. With these 3 criteria considered, our options to find a Hail Proof Roof narrow quickly.

There are many manufacturers to consider when researching the best “Hail Proof Shingles” solution. New Roof Plus takes a look at a few of the best options below.

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Metal Roofing and Hail

Metal roofing looks so perfect on a Colorado mountain home. Not only mountain homes, but there are also a lot of newer higher-end homes across the front range with metal roofing or at least parts of the roof utilizing metal. The question here is not the aesthetic looks – which are unquestioned and can look amazing – but the question on this page is durability. Is metal the best choice for a strong hail or wind storm?

A quick review of data from steel panel manufacturers shows that for the longest lasting most durable metal roof option, corrugated metal panels hold up best. The curved shape of corrugated metal allows for better deflection of hailstones and also for hiding the deformities that will occur under heavy hailstone impacts.

Flat metal panels, or standing seam metal roofing, no matter the thickness, will likely show deformity under heavy hail assault. Thicker panels do better under minimal impact storms. Metal roofing is not hail proof but it looks fantastic. It’s extremely durable and will likely survive a hail storm but it will show the impacts over time.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing and Hail

Stone coated steel roofing is usually certified as Class 4 Hail Resistant Impact Resistant UL2218. The DECRA website lists the following ratings for their product: “Class 4 Impact Resistant. Qualifies for insurance discounts in many states. Warranted against hail penetration. Non-combustible (Class A rated material), 120 mph wind warranty, Transferable 50-year limited warranty, Interlocking panels provide protection against the elements, Impact resistant – Class 4 to UL 2218 by Underwriters Laboratories (highest rating available).”

New Roof Plus is a big fan of DECRA, the leader in this beautiful stone coated steel metal roofing material. DECRA’s roofing systems offer a beautiful, high performance, lightweight shingle truly unlike any other roofing products. DECRA’s Stone Coated Steel System is ideal for new construction or for complete roof replacement in residential or commercial roof applications.

Decra Metal Roof Systems are of particular interest to home and building owners looking for new technology solutions to old roofing problems like wind damage, hail damage, wood shingle rot, HOA requirements for non-combustible roofing material, asphalt roofing shingle replacement, and more. Green roofing advocates are attracted to DECRA stone coated metal for many of its advantages over the long term. It is durable and does not use trees in its manufacturing.

DECRA has many architectural benefits as well and has become popular with both residential and commercial roof uses. It comes in many styles and colors.

Impact Resistant Class 4 Asphalt Shingles

There are many manufacturers to consider when researching the best “Hail Proof Roofing” Class 4 Asphalt roofing solution. Impact Resistant Class 4 Asphalt Shingles are rated for both impact resistance and wind resistance.

Many choose to go this route for a “hail Proof Roof” solution. It looks very similar to standard asphalt roofing shingles but has the ability to weather the storm. The cost is relatively cheap compared to stone coated steel and metal.

The downside is that under heavy bombardment from a nasty hail storm, it will often need to be replaced.

Manufacturers include Atlas, Certainteed, Owens Corning, GAF and IKO to name the larger makers.

Owens Corning Duration Storm is a popular choice. We have a page on our website that talks about more details on this product. It is a Class 4 Rated Shingle. It comes in a lot of color combinations that fit many different architectural needs.

Please call us for details on product warranties.

Rubber Roofing and Hail

Rubber shingles or rubber roofing sounds ridiculous for a residential home. “A rubber roof? Like hail would bounce off of it?” The answer is yes.  It is super durable and comes with an awesome warranty. Rubber roofing called “EuroShield” is actually an amazing new option for a homeowner to consider. It is actually beautiful and comes in several classic colors and looks, like slate and shake.

Rubber roofing by Euroshield
Rubber Roofing Looks Amazing


It’s made from recycled tires. Again, this doesn’t sound very sexy. This doesn’t sound like it could be attractive on your home. But it is attractive and it can withstand the impact of 4″ hail – that is enormous hail. It’s sort of bombproof.  We have a page on our website that gives a lot of detail about rubber roofing Denver and Front Range homes and buildings.

Roof Inspections and Consulting from New Roof Plus

As a Denver roofing contractor, we do roof inspections every day. We are certified and trained to recognize a roof that is secure and one that is not.  We know when a roof should be replaced. We also understand what an insurance company needs to see to replace a roof. Our goal is to provide the information required to make the assessment complete We work to help both the owner and the insurance company determine the course of action that should be taken.

We work with most of the major manufacturers and have experience with many roofing systems and roofing options. We can help you through the decision making process. If you have an architect or other consultant we work with them to help you achieve the exact look you are seeking for your building or home.

Honest Assessments for Insurance Claims

Our job as roof inspectors starts with being honest to all parties and making sure the property is properly protected and safe. If a roof needs replacing we know it and we will provide detailed analysis if this needs to be done to prove further in an insurance claims situation. We are not legal experts nor do we give legal advice. If a roof is not damaged, we will not lie to anyone about it – even if a customer presses us to do so. It’s not our way to do business. Unfortunately, there are many roofing companies willing to do just that. You can usually spot them a mile away too so be careful who you choose.

Free Roof Inspections from New Roof Plus

If you would like to have a deeper conversation about Hail Proof Roof and shingle options, give us a call. it’s interesting to research and we love talking about it. There is no obligation or high-pressure tactics with us. If it’s needed we can also inspect your roof at no cost. We will give you a report on what we found, the condition of your roof and if appropriate, and an estimate for repairs or replacement with a hail proof roof.

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