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Denver metal roofing companies do some beautiful work. The look of a metal roof in Colorado is a perfect fit. The beauty of the Rockies mixed with the beauty of a metal roof – it’s a great combination. We install metal roofs across Colorado, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins, the mountains, and all points in between. Our specialty is complete metal roof replacement but we also do new construction installations as well. We pride ourselves on our metal roofing expertise and installations, metal roof varieties, and metal roofing systems.

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New Metal Roof

Owner and Metal Roofing Project Manager at New Roof Plus is Greg Jones.  He is a true Coloradoan local neighbor who understands how metal roofing can dramatically impact the look and value of a home or building. You can read more about Greg, his roofing credentials, and his experience on our About Us page.

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Building New Roofs and Relationships” is our motto. What this means is that we are focused on great work and building trusting friendships. It’s always best to work with someone you trust.  Reading our A+ BBB profile and reviews will help show you we are good people to engage and do business with. Our goal is to be the best metal roofing company in Colorado.  To become this, we must make a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Certified Roof Inspector for Metal Roofing in Denver

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Commercial Roof Inspector

The hail storms that hit the Denver metro area were devastating and in some areas, damaged thousands of buildings and homes. Even metal roofs were damaged. Many buildings in the Denver metro area were hit by some hail or wind damage. The damage could be small or major. Take advantage of our free inspection for damage – and we are Haag certified for commercial roof inspections at the highest levels.

NRP is the local Front Range Colorado Metal Roofing Contractor. We can install metal roofing on commercial, multi-family, and residential homes and always provide high-quality roofing options – from standing seam metal roof types and stone coated steel roofing to commercial buildings with complex flat roof systems.

Denver Metal Roof Inspections and Estimates

Most metal roofing companies offer free inspections and estimates. Our difference is our certifications. If you want a new metal roof or just want to start with a metal roof inspection, we can find and assess any repairs and damage. We come with years of experience and knowledge to deliver a perfect metal roof installation and all the complexity that comes with it.

Denver metal roofing contractors have done well recently with all the storms. Denver, Colorado Springs, and now Fort Collins were hammered the past few years. The damage was in the billions. Wind damage also caused a lot of problems. Metal roofing products and materials such as standing seam, copper roofing, aluminum roofing, zinc roofing, stone coated steel, and other metal roofing systems were impacted in many towns as well.

Go Local for Denver Metal Roofing

All the national press about our storms brought in the Roofing Gypsies, storm chasers who sell some roofs, never to be seen again.  It’s understood by most building owners to “Go Local” and stick with local metal roofing contractors like New Roof Plus.

“Building New Metal Roofs and Relationships”

Denver metal roofing job working at night
Metal Roofing crews at work 24/7

We work closely with many insurance agents and adjusters across the State of Colorado. We feel it’s important to build these relationships. Our customers (you) have building insurance policies to cover damages should they occur. Your insurance policy provides certain coverages to pay for restoring your building to pre-storm condition.

It’s our job to make sure you get all the benefits your policy provides. We are not lawyers and can’t make your policy do something that is not included. But we have seen enough of them to know what might be possible. We are also experts at assessing the damage. We are more often than not, much more experienced than the insurance adjuster. This is a good thing and most adjusters like that we can help them do their job better.

All of these agents and adjusters want to do the right thing. They want their customer (you) to have a good experience in getting your home or building restored to its previous pre-storm health.

No Cost Metal Roof Inspection and Metal Roofing Estimate

NRP can perform a metal roofing inspection for you at no cost (free). We will inspect your metal roof and provide a detailed report of its condition. The report will note damage and remedies should problems be found.  This report will be helpful should you choose to submit a claim to your insurance company.

Haag Roof Certifications set us apart from the rest. As a building owner, it is nice to know you have someone who has committed to being at the top of their class in the roofing industry. Roofing is not highly regulated, so it’s good to have some qualifications.

Denver Metal Roofing

Metal roofing, while many would think it hail damage proof, often is not. New Roof Plus has installed many variations of metal roofing systems on both residential and commercial roofs. If you have a vision of a new metal roof on your Denver building, give us a call for a free estimate and brainstorming for ideas and suggestions from one of our roofing project managers.

Business owners of commercial structures often have regular roofing maintenance programs in place to ensure the long-term viability of their roof system. New Roof Plus can help you if this is something you would like to learn more about your metal roofing project.

Denver Metal Roofing Company Near Me

New Roof Plus is growing one customer at a time.  This includes metal roof repairs and full metal roof

Denver metal roofing with new green metal roofing installation.
Standing Seam Roof

replacement plus other roofing systems and materials. Our goal is to do a great job for each customer so they will refer us to others and use us again should the need arise. It’s basic business. Do great work at a fair price and people will appreciate you. We like that.

Metal Roofing Repair and Replacement Insurers

We work with all insurance companies. Insurance companies know that our people at New Roof Plus are true roofing experts they can rely on in the roofing industry – which is why so many recommend this company for metal roofing projects.

Thank you for reading our page on Metal Roofing Services. We hope to earn the opportunity to be your metal roofing and general roofing contractor providing quality products, materials, installations, and services for metal roof repair. New Roof Plus offers complete metal roofing replacement installations across the entire Front Range and Colorado mountain communities.

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