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Owens Corning Duration Storm System

Denver roofing companies have installed millions of Owens Corning shingles over the past few years. We have had multiple hail storms hit Denver and Colorado Springs, causing billions of dollars in property damage so the shingle demand is at an all-time high. Owens Corning Duration Storm shingles are often the shingle of choice by both homeowners and installers.

The Owens Corning Duration Storm shingle is popular for a few reasons. The top reasons are “storm resistance”, a designer look, and cost.

New Roof Plus installs a lot of Owens Corning shingles. The preferred shingle is the Duration line shingle and the Duration Storm shingle. We like Owens Corning for many reasons. One of them being that Owens Corning has an asphalt manufacturing plant right here in Denver. OC Headquarters are in Ohio but they have a presence here and employ a lot of folks in Colorado.

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“Class 4” Impact Resistance Rated Shingle

Weather Guard Technology is what Owens Corning calls it. What this means is they have patented a process called “integrated polymeric backing material” on the back of the shingles that gives the shingle greater strength against hailstone impacts. This gives the Duration Storm shingle one of the industry’s highest classification for impact resistance—”UL 2218-Class 4 Impact Resistance”.

To receive the full warranty benefit of the Duration Storm shingle they require corresponding ProEdge STORM® or WeatherGuard® Hip & Ridge Shingles for warranty coverage per their website. Using these other elements only makes sense as they all match colorwise as well.

new roof on home in Windsor CO
New roof installed in Windsor

This picture is of a new shingle roof that had been damaged by hail. You could see where there were spots of no granules remaining on the asphalt. Some easy telltale signs are large amounts of roofing granules in your gutters and gutter washout areas after a storm. This indicates the roof’s protective layer of granules was hit by hail and it removed these granules from it’s foundation, leaving your roof exposed. A composite roof without protective granules is no longer a working roof system so it needs replacement and insurance companies to recognize this.

Another indication of damage, when looking from the ground, is darker spots on the roof. These indicate impact damage from hailstones. If you can see these, you likely have substantial damage.

Another obvious note is that if your neighbor had their roof replaced, it’s worth having your roof inspected also.

Designer Look

Much of the popularity of the Owens Corning Duration Storm shingle is the color options. They have done a nice job of adding varying colors to give the shingle some depth and architectural interest. Below are a few of the color choices. The availability of the colors varies at times and by market. We install Duration Storm Shingles of all colors.

Learn more about New Roof Plus and Owens Corning shingles here.

Affordable Great Looks

Hail damaged roof in Arvada CO
Arvada hail damage

Does your roof have damage that would need an insurance claim? Some people are hesitant to contact their Insurance agent to ask for an inspection. They worry that their policy might be negatively impacted. But this is not the case. Insurance companies expect that their customers, you, will want to know if their property is in good condition. This is why we all buy insurance after all.

Roof Inspections from New Roof Plus

We do roof inspections every day. We are certified and trained to recognize a roof that is secure and one that is not.  We know when a roof should be replaced. We also understand what an insurance company needs to see to replace a roof. Our goal is to provide the information required to make the assessment complete We work to help both the owner and the insurance company determine the course of action that should be taken.

Honest Assessments

Our job as roof inspectors starts with being honest to all parties and making sure the property is properly protected and safe. If a roof needs replacing we know it and we will fight if things need to be proven further. If a roof is not damaged, we will not lie to anyone about it – even if a customer presses us to do so. It’s not our way to do business. Unfortunately, there are many roofing companies willing to do just that. You can usually spot them a mile away too so be careful who you choose.

Free Roof Inspections from New Roof Plus

We will inspect your roof at no cost. We will give you a report on what we found, the condition of your roof and if appropriate, and an estimate for repairs or replacement.

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