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We are New Roof Plus. We provide Arvada roofing services, including hail storm roof replacement and leak repair. This includes homes and commercial buildings.  Our tagline is “Building New Roofs and Relationships” because our relationships are extremely important to us. Business is more gratifying when you are building more than a roof, you are building trusting positive relationships.

Step One: Appointment for Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Our relationships often start with a phone call to us to discuss the roofing concern or need a customer might have. Then we usually schedule a time to take a look at the roof and determine what is the issue and

Hail damaged roof in Arvada CO
Arvada hail damage

what is the remedy.  This is where our expertise helps you understand what the situation is with your roof. We are certified inspectors with Haag. Haag is the roofing industry’s recognized authority on roofing inspection credentials. With this credential, you know you have someone who takes their business seriously and wants to be a local leader.

Managing Partner Greg Jones is certified by Haag for Residential Roof Inspections and Commercial Roof Inspections.  These are two different skill sets. Flat roofs on large buildings have complex drainage plans and therefore problems. Residential roofs have more angles and pitches that need analysis.

Greg is also a true local. He grew up in Douglas County and is raising his family here too. Read more about Greg and his roofing expertise here.

New Roof Plus Reviews

Reviews from our customers are extremely important to us. We let people know up front that we are going to ask for a review at the completion of their project. Through our Google reviews, others can learn what it is like to work with us.

We are pleasers by nature. We want people to have a good vibe about having worked with us. We want them to tell others. Getting our customers to write reviews is very important to us. Take a look at our portfolio and read the comments from some of our “Raving Fans”!

Roofing Insurance Claims

If your home or building has hail damage, it’s very likely your insurance policy has coverage to protect it. If there is damage you will need to contact your insurance carrier and submit a claim for replacement. We work with insurance adjusters and agents every day. Through our experience and training, we know the language they speak. It’s a form of English (joke). Like a large industry, insurance companies have developed standards to follow for assessing the damage. It’s extremely important they minimize overpaying and yet it’s also important they provide the coverage they sold to you as the building owner.

What’s All This Mean?

First of all, we are not legal advisors. Our expertise in roofing, roofing installations, roof repairs, roof

Service area map for New Roof Plus
New Roof Plus Arvada Colorado

inspections to assess roofing damage, analyze when a roof system is compromised, and find details others might overlook. We know what to look for through years of experience.

This is how we help all parties involved. We help the homeowner by explaining the details of the claim and what the insurance company agreed was damaged. We help the insurance company by verifying all the items are covered per the policy.

“Building New Roofs and Relationships”

Our mission as a roofing and exterior restoration company is to fundamentally change the relationship and experience customers have when experiencing an insurance claim. So many roofing companies make the insurance company out to be an adversary but we feel otherwise. We have many very strong and important relationships with insurance agents across the state. All of these agents want their customers (you) to have a good experience in getting your home restored to its previous pre-storm health.

We feel that when we work together with building owners and insurance companies in a positive cooperative relationship, our customer (you) gets treated very well and with the utmost care and insurance coverage available.

Haag Certified Residential Roofing Inspector

Haag Certified Inspector Residential Roofs 2018 New Roof Plus
Elite Certifications at New Roof Plus

New Roof Plus Managing Partner Greg Jones is certified as a Haag Certified Residential Roofs Inspector. Haag Certification tells you, as a home or building owner, that this person is highly trained and experienced and can recognize legitimate damage where it exists.

To earn this designation as a Haag Certified Residential Roofs Inspector one must prove a deep understanding of the latest damage assessment techniques with successful completion of an extensive exam. As your project manager, Greg’s experience and knowledge, and Haag certification will give you the confidence you have one of the elite Colorado roofing inspectors inspecting your roof.

Free Inspection and Roofing Estimate

New Roof Plus offers this high-level extensive roofing inspection service at no cost (free) to the home or building owner. Greg will inspect your roof and give you a detailed analysis of its condition. Should your roof have sustained damage from a storm or other influence, he will give you the information you may need to proceed with an insurance claim for your roofing project.

Haag Roof Certifications are rare for a local roofing contractor and they are even rarer when in

Arvada home with roof damage
Arvada Roof Damage

including all of Jefferson County and the entire state of Colorado. Taking the initiative to continually learn and become the best in the business is what Greg and the New Roof Plus team are all about.


You have many local roofers to choose from. We are building the best roofs, with the best quality roofing materials and building the best relationships one customer at a time. We hope to build a great relationship (and maybe a roof) with you too! We aim to be the roofing company you would definitely recommend!

Top Rated Roofing Company

new roof installation
New roof!

We live here too. And we plan to stay (who wouldn’t). Our goal is to build a great roofing company known for its great customer service. We want to be the roofing company near you that is famous for being fun to work with.

5 Star Reviews

Our reviews are the report card used by us and others.  Our goal is for every happy customer we work with will “Tell a Friend” and tell them to call us.

Insurance Carriers We Work With

We work with all major carriers and almost every insurance company out there.

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