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Broomfield roofing companies have had many roofs to replace with all the hail we have seen.  New Roof Plus is a local Colorado-owned and operated roofing company serving Broomfield and the entire Front Range. We are here to restore all the beautiful homes in Broomfield with roofing repair services and installation. We offer free inspections and estimates. We are Haag certified roof inspectors so you are dealing with trained professionals.  We encourage you to read our reviews too! Call us to schedule an appointment.

New Roof Plus can provide you with a free inspection and estimate from one of our Certified Roof Inspectors. New Roof Plus has installed many new roofs in the Broomfield area as a result of all the hail and wind storms we have had this year.

Greg Jones

Pictured here is the managing partner of New Roof Plus, Greg Jones. Greg was raised in Colorado and is now raising his family in Highlands Ranch. He’s a true local. Greg is hyper-focused on customer satisfaction. He has a passion for making our customers raving fans of New Roof Plus. He is this way for two reasons. Number one is that he takes every job personally. He is hell-bent on doing a great job for each customer. It’s the right way to do business. If you care, people know it. If you go the extra mile people know it.

The number two reason is that our motto is “Building New Roofs and Relationships”. We want to engage with our customers to deliver a great experience. This requires more than taking an order. It takes extra effort and interest in our customers. In doing this, we build a relationship that is beneficial to both parties. People want to refer family, friends, and neighbors to us.  That’s a win-win!

Greg is a true Coloradoan who is deeply connected to our beautiful area. Read more about Greg and his roofing experience on our About Us page.

New Roof Plus Reviews

Building New Roofs and Relationships” is more than a slogan to us.  The slogan is simple but it really captures in one line what we are all about.  A lot of companies can build a roof. But not too many care about the relationship part. Read our reviews to learn what others think about New Roof Plus.

Our goal is to have a lot of raving fans who say that New Roof Plus is the best roofing company in Broomfield and the Denver area. If we can do great work and be respected by a lot of people for the experience they have working with us, we will do well. We care about delivering a great product and we care about how the customer feels during and after the project is complete.

Broomfield Insurance Claim

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New Roof Plus Arvada Colorado

Broomfield got a lot of hail this year. And a wind storm too. Insurance companies have seen tons of claims. Colorado was the number one ranked State in 2018 for hail damage claims. We work with insurance companies every day. We know their language. We are not lawyers and we can’t represent you, but we are trained to identify hail damage and related weather caused damage. The insurance adjusters appreciate our knowledge as we speak the same language.

Colorado roofing claims attract a lot of out-of-state roofing contractors. Homeowners will have people knocking on their door within minutes sometimes of a hail storm. It’s always best to be cautious when working with someone knocking on your door. At New Roof Plus we do not canvass neighborhoods. We prefer to work with customers who seek out a well-rated qualified contractor.

Broomfield Roof Inspections and New Roof Estimate

If you have hail damage or you want to find out with a Broomfield roof inspection, we are Certified by Haag to identify and document damage to a roof caused by storms. Inspecting a roof involves a breadth of experience, recognizing damage, where others might not notice. This is why many adjusters like to have us on the roof with them. Together we can make sure all damage is documented and accounted for.

After all the damage is documented, if it is an insurance claim, we can help make sure all of the repair items are included in the insurance claim. The claim details can be confusing for a typical home or building owner who is not familiar with the terms. We can help.

Climbing on a roof can be dangerous for a homeowner. We don’t recommend it. We can do this for you and we will take pictures of our findings so you have an understanding of the condition of your roof.

Haag Certified Residential Roofing Inspector

Haag Certified Inspector Residential Roofs 2018 New Roof Plus
Elite Certifications at New Roof Plus

We are Haag Certified. This Certification does a few things.

  1. It makes us smarter because we learn new techniques to identify damage to a roof. The process of certification is not easy or cheap. This certification requires focused study, time, and money to complete.
  2. It lets you know as a homeowner that you have someone who is a professional inspector. Not a fly-by-night roofer but a roofing professional.
  3. This certification lets insurance adjusters know they have an educated contractor to help them get the job done right. It is frustrating for them to deal with hard-nosed greedy roofing contractors who only want to squeeze more money from the insurance company for your roof.

Take the Free Inspection and Roofing Estimate

Broomfield home with roof damage
Wind Damage

You have lots of Broomfield roofers from which to choose. We hope that our reviews and our website will convince you to call us. We hope to build a great relationship (and maybe a roof) with you too! We aim to be the Broomfield roofing company you would definitely recommend!

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This is hail damage

New Roof Plus is local and we are growing one customer at a time. We develop one relationship at a time. We are friendly people who are professionals in our trade and we are working hard to grow a great company people love.

We look forward to being your chosen Broomfield roofing contractor. We serve the following Broomfield zip codes of 80020, 80021, 80023, 80038, 80516, 80602 plus the entire Front Range!

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