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Davinci Roofscapes Composite tile by New Roof Plus

Davinci Roofscapes is a 100% synthetic composite tile or shake roofing shingle system. It is made, according to the Davinci website, from “virgin resin”. But…that is not a bad thing in this case. This is definitely an advanced resin roof material that has a lot of long-term benefits to consider for a home or building owner.

Here are the “Big 4” benefits to a Davinci Roofscape roofing system:

  1. Class 4 Rated Impact Resistant shingles. It can take a hail storm up to a Class 4 rating.
  2. Fire Resistant. It has a Class A Fire Rating.
  3. Wind resistant. Certified up to 110 miles per hour
  4. It looks great!

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Davinci Roofing Systems

Davinci roofing in Denver is well known and it is also well regarded in the roofing industry nationwide. They have been around long enough to prove that their product is viable in the long run. There have been many roofing manufacturers come and go who promised a great product, but in the end, the product failed. Davinci continues to innovate and improve the technology behind the polymer roofing system. New colors, new products, and improved installation procedures keep Davinci at the top of the list for consideration by homeowners for a cedar shake replacement or synthetic slate roofing system.

The roof material used in this roofing product is a proprietary combination of polymers and other materials. It is extremely durable, not subject to the issues of natural shake or slate. Roofing contractors love this product for several reasons.

Composite Shingle installation
Composite Shingles
  • It looks fantastic and has excellent curb appeal
  • The roof installations are fairly simple
  • The roofing product is reliable and available
  • Roof repairs are extremely rare with few maintenance issues
  • Davincis composite material is easy to work with

Cedar Shake Roofs

Natural cedar shake shingles have a timeless look. Shake roofs have been installed on buildings for hundreds if not thousands of years. Composite shake roofing is the latest evolution of the natural cedar roofing style. Natural cedar is no longer a viable option. The wood shake material needed should be an old-growth real shake, cut thick and wide. But old-growth cedar is pretty much gone. Shake products using new growth cedar roofing just do not stand the test of time and nature.

Davinci Shake composite tile
Davinci Shake

Davinci’s solutions are synthetic shake or composite shakes that come in a variety of single-width shake and multi-width shake. Bellaforte Shake is one of their popular brand names that come in various colors and widths so you can match the look and style you are after.

Shake shingles are changed forever. The old-growth forests are protected as they should be. Composite shake roofing has replaced them. The shake products available now are superior in every aspect anyway. Composite shake roofing tiles can withstand much greater hail impacts and they are fire-resistant than real shake ever could. Your color choices of fancy shake styles is growing every year. The option of single-width shake and multi-width shake give you lots of style looks to consider. Wood shake has become synthetic shake and it will only continue to improve and provide greater aesthetic looks and protection for decades to come.

Davinci Synthetic Slate and Siding

Davincis composite shake tile also includes a synthetic slate tile collection and composite siding. As with the shake roofing tiles, it is offered in single-width slate and multi-width slate. Natural slate has incredible beauty but comes with many issues that Davincis composite solution eliminates for roofing contractors. The big issues with natural slate are cost, weight, and roofing installations challenges and breakages. You can read our blog post about Davinci Roofing in Denver here.

Davinci Roofing System and New Roof Plus

New Roof Plus is a Denver roofing contractor committed to delivering a great experience for our customers. If you read our reviews, you’ll see some over-the-top reviews. People who went out of their way to tell YOU that they had a great experience. This is what we enjoy the most. Davinci roof products match up well with us. We like providing the very best service and the very best Davinci product should be a part of this too. Their polymer roof product and complete polymer roof system are outstanding and we highly recommend them.

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