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Welcome to New Roof Plus! We are a Highlands Ranch roofing contractor serving “Beautiful Highlands Ranch”.  Plus we serve all our surrounding towns and the entire Denver metro area with roofing replacement and roofing repair services. The owner of New Roof Plus lives in Highlands Ranch and is available for professional roofing inspections and free expert advice for your home or building.

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New Roof Plus is a Highlands Ranch Local Roofer

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New Roof Plus is Google Guaranteed.

New Roof Plus is a local roofing company. We literally grew up here. We are certified by many organizations, such as BBB, Owens Corning, DECRA, Google, HAAG Certified Roofing Inspectors, and many others. We have earned these designations over the years.

New Roof Plus has also been vetted and approved by Pinkerton with a thorough background check to ensure we are fully compliant with the Google Guaranteed requirements to be properly insured, and that our ownership is verified and of good standing.

5 Star Reviews for New Roof Plus

We love having people read our Highlands Ranch roofing reviews. We work very hard to earn 5-star New Roof Plus BBB A+reviews from every customer. If you Google us, you will see a lot of great reviews posted on Google, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and many other places. You will read many “raving fan” stories about New Roof Plus because we care deeply about our customers. They know we work really hard to do a great job for them and so they are very willing to share their experience with you.

Here’s a great review that is succinct and music to our ears! “Smoothest roof replacement project ever experienced. Honest and timely. Have recommended to others and will use again in the future if needed.”

5 star review for New Roof plus

Greg Jones is the managing partner at New Roof Plus. He is from Highlands Ranch, growing up here before the area exploded with rooftops. He is highly experienced with the HOA requirements and all the builders who have built homes in Highlands Ranch over the past 40 years.

Greg is also highly experienced in commercial roofing applications and roof repair. He recently worked on one of the Highlands Ranch Rec Centers – repairing a flat roof area that had been leaking into the building.

Building New Roofs and Relationships” is our motto. What this means is that the work we do is just as important as the people we work for. Take a look at our reviews and you will see that we strive to be great for our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

New Roof Plus Happy Customer
Happy customer of New Roof Plus

Customer Satisfaction is extremely important to us. We feel this will drive our success for the long haul. Installing a roof perfectly is expected by the customer. And there are many companies that can do this. So the way we separate ourselves is by being highly responsive, paying attention to detail, having no surprises for the client, and being enjoyable to work with.

New Roof Plus BBB Business ReviewIf you click on this BBB link, you will read many reviews clients have left for us. You will find many more reviews on Google as well.

Highlands Ranch Roofing Hail Damage

Hail is a fact of life in Highlands Ranch. Every home has insurance coverage for this reason. When hail hits your home, you may want to get someone to look at the damage. This is where we come in. We are experts at finding damage and accessing if it is bad enough to need repairs or replacement. We are local to Highlands Ranch so just make a quick call to us and we will be out to take a look.

Google review for roof inspection and repair by New Roof Plus

Roofer in Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch city sign covered in snow
Roofing Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch Colorado is home to us. New Roof Plus is local but we are also very experienced and credentialed. We have the crews to install any roofing material. This can include metal roofing, composite shingles, hail-proof roofing shingles, flat roofs, and many roofing materials and roofing systems.

The process usually begins with a roof inspection. We will determine the condition of your roof and give you a report on our findings. If a roof replacement is recommended, we will provide the details so you can submit the findings to your insurance provider. Also, if roof repair is required, we can provide an estimate to fix the problem area.

If roofing damage is found to be caused by hail, we can give you a free estimate for the replacement of the damaged roof. This is where your insurance company comes into play. If you want to submit a claim to your insurance company, they can look at our report or they will send out an adjuster to confirm the damage. We are here as your roofing expert to make sure your roof provides leak-free protection.

Working Together

Our relationship with you is extremely important to us. Building New Roofs and Relationships is our motto because it says what we do. Your experience working with us needs to be great. You need to trust our expertise. We need to communicate clearly with you along the way. And in the end, you need to feel good about your decision to choose us and the new roof on your home or building.  That is our goal with every customer. We are here to serve you and your roofing needs – and have some fun along the way if possible.

At New Roof Plus, we work with insurance companies in the same way. We need them to feel comfortable with our work and processes to meet their requirements.

Google Review for Flat roof replacement on mid-century modern home by New Roof Plus

Highlands Ranch Roofing Inspector

Haag Certified Inspector Residential Roofs 2018 New Roof Plus
Certified Roof Inspectors

We are certified roofing inspectors by a company called Haag. A Haag Certification tells you as a consumer, that this company is competent, trained, and serious about their business. We have been certified every year since we started New Roof Plus in 2018.

To be certified is not easy. The certification process requires classroom time, testing, and then annual retesting.  Most roofing contractors are not certified. We are.

As a certified roofing inspector, you know you have a truly professional roofing contractor working for you. This level of expertise does not cost you more. Our inspections are Free.

You will likely not find many Haag Certified Roofing Inspectors in Highlands Ranch or anywhere else in Colorado. It is an expensive, time-consuming, and mentally challenging effort. Most roofing contractors are not willing to put in the work for it.  We are.

Highlands Ranch Commercial Roofing Contractor

If you own a commercial building or a home with a flat roofing system, New Roof Plus is certified to help you also. Commercial roofing, often called flat roofing, is a different skill set than steeper sloped residential roofing. Oftentimes commercial buildings have complex roofing systems that divert water off flat roofs. The complexity and materials used are different than a residential home.  New Roof Plus can handle any commercial roofing project in Highlands Ranch.

Highlands Ranch continues to fill in.  Where there were open fields and antelope, now there are homes or businesses. New Roof Plus wants to be THE Roofing Company for our area to service all these buildings.

Highlands Ranch Rec Center roof leak
Yuck! HRCA Rec Center Roof Leak

Commercial roofing in Highlands Ranch can include new construction and existing buildings.

Commercial buildings in Highlands Ranch and elsewhere most often require regular roof maintenance. Exposure to weather of all sorts eventually leads to problems that need attention. The leak you see here on the HRCA Rec Center was years in the making. HRCA building management had used several roofing contractors prior to contacting New Roof Plus. We found the source of the problem and finally fixed a long-standing roofing leak.

Trusted Highlands Ranch Roofers

New Roof Plus - A Highlands Ranch Roofing Company
Roof Damage from Hail

As a Highlands Ranch roofing company, we are working on our neighbor’s roofs. This makes it personal. So we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are super happy.

If we earn a chance to work with you, we hope you will be willing to write us a review. Reviews have become so important for every business – and roofing is no different. We will work hard to earn your 5 Star review.

Insurance Companies with New Roof Plus

New Roof Plus works with all insurance companies.

Hopefully, we provided you with enough information on New Roof Plus!  The other pages of our website will give you information on various products we install and other information you may want. We hope to earn your business!

Thank you,

Greg Jones and New Roof Plus Team

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