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We are a Lone Tree roofing company serving Lone Tree, Douglas County, Heritage Hills, Castle Pines, Castle Pines North, Acres Green, Meridian, Willow Creek, Highlands Ranch, and the Denver metro area with complete roof installations and repairs. We have replaced roofs all across Lone Tree and Highlands Ranch, plus the entire south metro area from the hail storms that hit us throughout this year and last.

Greg Jones, co-owner of New Roof Plus lives in Highlands Ranch, bordering Lone Tree. He grew up in Douglas County and has raised his family here – so he is truly a local roofer who understands our towns. Read more about Greg Jones and his qualifications on our About Us page.

Building New Roofs and Relationships” is our tagline and we work hard every day to live up to these words. Read our reviews to see how we do it. We have earned high ratings for our work in Lone Tree and surrounding areas, but we know every customer is new and their expectation is that we will be great.  Roofing is not easy. Each job has its challenges and requirements. This requires our best effort, attention to detail, and consistent communication with our home or building owner. Reading our reviews will give you the opinion of many different people and what they experienced.

Roofing Damage in Lone Tree and Hail Claims

Recent hail storms across Denver and also here in Lone Tree were intense and in some neighborhoods, damaged thousands of roofs. Our job is to help you find out if you have damage or not, and then help you get your roof repaired or replaced to a pre-storm condition as soon as possible.

Being a local Highlands Ranch-Lone Tree roofing company, we work on roofs of all kinds. This can include many roofing materials from hail-proof roofing options to standard asphalt roofing replacement for residential homes and also commercial properties with flat roof systems.

If you think you might have roof damage from hail or wind, we offer a free inspection and estimate.  Damage to your roof that is caused by hail or wind is usually covered loss under most insurance plans. We are not lawyers but we can help you with the terminology, reading a claim, and finding damage that may be covered under your policy. This is the sort of thing we do every day.

Lone Tree Roofing Mission

As a Lone Tree roofing company, we have established many strong and important relationships with Insurance agents and adjusters.  It’s important that all parties involved, you, your insurance company, and your contractor (us) communicate well to provide you as the customer the best experience possible, along with the maximum benefit of the policy you purchased. Every decent insurance agent wants their customer (you) to have a good experience in getting their roof and home restored to its previous pre-storm health.

Certified Lone Tree Roof Inspector

Haag Certified Inspector Residential Roofs 2018 New Roof PlusAs a Haag Certified Residential Roofs Inspector, one must go through a difficult course to learn and implement the very latest in inspection methods, followed by a rigorous exam. Going through this is not typical for most Colorado roofers. Most companies don’t bother to take continuing education seriously. It is not required by the State. We do take this seriously. Getting a Haag Designation is not easy. It takes time, focus, and investment by the company.

Haag Certifications are rare for a Lone Tree CO roofing contractor and they are even rarer when including all of Douglas County and the entire state of Colorado. Taking the initiative to continually learn and become the best in the business is what Greg and the New Roof Plus team are all about. We are building the best roofs and the best relationships, one customer at a time. We hope to build a relationship (and maybe a roof) with you too!

Commercial Roofer Lone Tree

New Roof Plus is Certified for Commercial Roof Inspections with Haag. Commercial roofers in Lone Tree, like New Roof Plus, can inspect the condition of the flat roof or other roofing systems for damage or leaks. New Roof Plus is certified at the highest level to give you an assessment of your commercial roof.

Image of Lone Tree Arts Center
Lone Tree Arts Center

Douglas County and the I-25 Corridor has seen many new commercial buildings, as well as booming areas like our very own Lone Tree and south in Castle Rock.   If you own a building or manage a commercial building in Lone Tree with a flat roof system, you should have it inspected for issues -even if it’s a relatively new building. Flat roofs need regular attention paid to them to extend their life and to prevent leaks before they happen.

Many commercial buildings have parts of their roof system that include metal roofing. Many may think metal roofing to be hail damage proof, more often it is not. We have installed many metal roofs across the front range – both on residential and commercial properties.

Regular maintenance of your commercial flat roof is both affordable and pays off in the long run. Call us if this an interest you would like more information about. There is no obligation and it will be good knowledge to have for future use. If you have any questions about roofing permits in Douglas County their website has a handy FAQ page.

A Local Lone Tree Roofer You Can Trust

Image of new construction in ridge gate lone tree CO
Changing Face of Lone Tree

Not many roofing companies can claim to be as local as New Roof Plus! Read our reviews and you’ll see we are reliable and do excellent work.  As a consumer, we all want to choose a business that delivers on their promises. This is our main goal- always. We have to deliver every time.

When we first meet a client, one of our points is that we tell them we will ask for a review when it’s all done. Doing this ensures you of our intent to do a great job. It gives you the assurance that getting a 5 Star review will require a great experience. So our work is cut out for us – do a great job, communicate clearly throughout and do it with a friendly intelligent transparent demeanor.

Insurance Providers

We work with all insurance providers.

We look forward to an opportunity to talk with you and learn more about how we can help!

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