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Euroshield Hail-Proof Roofing for Colorado

rubber roofing from Euroshield
Rubber Roofing

Euroshield Roofing is a relatively new option to consider for your Colorado home or building. The top ten benefits of a Euroshield rubber roofing system are listed below for your consideration. Euroshield is made primarily from rubber. Rubber roofing sounds odd at first, but when you read more and then see it, you will be very impressed.

 Top 10 Benefits of “Euroshield Roofing”, manufactured by GEM, Inc, installed by New Roof Plus include:

  1. Hail Resistance. All Euroshield products are guaranteed up to 2″ hail. That’s big hail!  More details are below.
  2. Eco-friendly. Euroshield rubber roofing is manufactured using approximately 95% recycled material!
  3. Rain and Snow Resistant. This is made of rubber. Think rubber boots for your house.
  4. Heat and Fire Resistant. It meets Class 4 Shingle requirements for fire. Its unique design helps on hot days by reducing direct heat exchange into the building decking.
  5. Incredible Warranty against hail.50 years. Ok, there are some details in their actual warranty paperwork, but it’s a 50-year roof warranty. Some of it is transferable and other perks. Click here to get the real details.
  6. Gorgeous. Take a look at some of the pictures below. They deliver stunning looks with all the benefits.
  7. Wind Resistant. The engineering is designed to lock the shingles together. No “tearing” like asphalt shingles. This is a rubber that is structurally integrated to resist strong wind.
  8. Lightweight. Natural slate and tile can require reinforcement of the decking structure. Not so with Euroshield. It’s relatively lightweight. Estimated between 2.1lbs and 3.4lbs per sq. ft depending on the profile.
  9. Simple Fast Installation. The installation process is not that different than typical roof installations.
  10. Maintenance-free, long-lasting, and durable.

There are many other benefits to consider like You can walk on it. Some roofing systems can be damaged by human traffic on its surface. Euroshield is very durable and can handle foot traffic.

Hail Proof Roofing Research Link to follow! As long as you are researching all this right now and want to learn more about good options that are “Hail Proof” –  Click here to fill out a quick form to help assist your research

Hail Proof Roofing by Euroshield

All Euroshield products are guaranteed up to 2″ hail. That’s big hail! No one else does this with such confidence. Denver and the Front Range of Colorado get lots of hail so this is a big deal. But Vermont

rubber roofing to look like Shake
Shake Roof look with Rubber roofing

Slate product offers a warranty for up to 4″ hail. That’s huge!! This is unprecedented protection. Class 4 Rated Shingles for Weather resistance is the highest designation and this product far exceeds all the minimum requirements.

Below is a video produced by Euroshield that demonstrates the violent impact of 4″ hail. It’s like a cannonball. What this vividly demonstrates is the toughness of their product.

Hail hits us here in Colorado every year. Some people’s homes have been hit multiple times in a few years. This gets to be a frustrating experience. The first hail storm seems great because you get a new roof. The second one isn’t so fun and by the third storm, real frustration sets in.

euroshield rubber roof
Rubber roofing with a Slate look

Here’s a possible solution to survive the next storm. Euroshield is a newer product in Colorado. You may not have heard of them yet. If you are tired of replacing your roof and want a longer-term solution than asphalt shingles, this is an option.

Killer Warranty. They back up their hail-proof claims with a really strong warranty. We will go into some detail on that below.


New Roof Plus was really impressed with Euroshield’s extreme eco-friendly manufacturing process. It’s made from 95% old tires. But as you can see from the images, it’s beautiful stuff as a finished product. To cover your home (assuming average size) it will take anywhere from 250 to 1000 tires to produce your rubber roofing shingle system. Even the scrap material left over after installation is reused, so there is virtually no harmful environmental waste.

Slate looking roof made of rubber
Slate look from Euroshield

Global Environmental Manufacturing (G.E.M.) Inc. is the manufacturer of Euroshield® Recycled Rubber Roofing Products. The company was founded in 1999 by Mr. Henry Kamphuis.  He worked in the roofing industry for a roofing company in Canada but apparently, there was an ingenious inventor inside this roofer.  Any story like this is never complete on a single page, as many years of very hard work, research and development, and trial and error most surely came before the product we see today.

The product is now known as  Euroshield® rubber roof products, consisting of rubber taken from recycled tires. As most people know, used tires are a huge source of waste today.  G.E.M. Inc. is turning this source of waste into a resource of great value.

More Benefits of Rubber Roofing

The reverse side of each Euroshield® panel features small cubical chambers designed to ensure structural

Sample of rubber roofing
Rubber Roofing Sample

integrity. In turn, the cubicles trap air, creating an effective insulation barrier, which can contribute to reducing energy use in warmer climates. An added benefit to the design is additional sound-deadening qualities. The interlocking tongue and groove design of the panels provide tremendous resistance to wind uplift, add to the structural integrity, and tie the whole roof system together, producing a tight water-resistant seal for maximum performance.

Warranty Information

All warranties have a lot of fine print but this one stands out for its confidence in the long-term value and durability they project for the product.  It’s essentially a forever warranty. 50 years is a long time. They have caveats in their deal but they are fair and not “gotcha” type requirements.  Here’s the link again. Read through it yourself when you’re ready to dig in.

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