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Hail Damaged Roof Replacement in Aurora, CO Case Study

Roof replacement at 18961 E Mercer Drive, Aurora, CO 80013. Hail damaged roof replaced with insurance claim proceeds.
8961 E Mercer Drive, Aurora, CO 80013

Case Study Focus: How To Navigate the Roofing Insurance and Roof Installation Process

A homeowner in Aurora, Colorado sustained hail damage to their residential property in the summer of 2023.  After a roof inspection was conducted, hail damage to the roof was discovered and an insurance claim was submitted to the property insurance company.  This case study will review the steps this homeowner took to secure insurance funds through the claims process, choose the new roof, and the installation process.

Project Details
  • Hail Storms in Aurora, Colorado:  May 10 and August 3, 2023
  • Roof Inspection: discovery of hail damage to the roof from a recent hail storm in Aurora CO.
  • Insurance Claim: Submitted with proof of hail damage to the roof
  • Insurance Adjuster Visit: Damage confirmed by insurance adjuster
  • Original Roofing Shingle Material: Standard Asphalt Shingle
  • Type of Structure Damaged: Residential Home
  • Insurance Damage Category: Hail Damaged, Full Roof Replacement
  • Location – 18961 E Mercer Drive, Aurora, CO 80013
  • Client – Local resident
  • Roofing Contractor – New Roof Plus of Denver CO
  • Time to Complete – 4 days
  • Products UsedOwens Corning Duration Storm Shingles,
  • Product Attributes: Color – Driftwood,  Hail-resistant, Impact-Resistant Shingles

Scope of Project

Once things were finalized with the insurance company, the Hail damaged roof replaced at 18961 E Mercer Drive, Aurora, CO 80013roofing contractor had to navigate around some of the materials shortages that were occurring industry-wide on shingles. The contractor secured the requested materials and scheduled the work.

Permits and Licensing

All licensing was confirmed immediately to avoid any delays in getting the required city permit for construction. After the roof installation, the final city inspection of the roof was scheduled. This was completed the day after the roof was completed. This quickly closed out the permit, along with closing out the insurance approval for the release of all funds. The customer reported a very smooth process with no issues.

Contractor Notes

“Alice contacted us to inspect her roof for hail damage. We inspected and confirmed there was in fact hail damage. We walked her through the insurance process, met with her adjuster and navigated the claim with her. Once she fully understood the process, she selected the shingle color, and we scheduled the work. Once the roof was fully installed and the city inspection approved the work, we finalized payment with her insurance company to release the remaining funds to her. She was very satisfied.”

For more information, contact Greg Jones at New Roof Plus, call 303-974-5218 | Scroll Down for Project Photos and details


Roofing Insurance Claim Process

  1. Roof Inspection to Establish Storm Damage
  2. Contact your insurance company to submit a claim
  3. The insurance company will likely send out an insurance claims adjuster toImage of Owens Corning roof system inspect and verify the damage
  4. If approved, the insurance company will provide you with funding verification and approval to choose a roofing contractor
  5. The initial check will be either sent to you or your mortgage company for endorsement to your roofing contractor
  6. With all endorsements in place, the contractor can proceed with the next steps involved with your roof replacement

Roof Installation Process

  1. The roofing material is delivered to your home a day or so before the removal and installation begin.
  2. The contractor will prepare your yard to protect it from debris and also secure a disposal location on the driveway near the roof
  3. The old roofing shingles removal process begins.  This is disposed of in the dumpster.
  4. The roof decking (the plywood sheets below the shingles) will be inspected for rot or damage. Replacement of damaged decking will take place now.

    Roof decking after old roof is removed.
    Roof decking after old roof removed
  5. Roof vents are secured or installed if additional venting is required.
  6. Underlayment is installed across the entire roof. This is the first layer of a waterproofing barrier placed on top of the plywood decking.
  7. Shingle installation begins now
  8. After completion of shingle installation, the roof is cleared of all debris
  9. Quality check of the entire roof system
  10. Clean Up of the entire area plus removal of the dumpster and all materials

Product Installed: Owens Corning Duration Storm Shingles

Color – Driftwood

Product Description: Owens Corning Duration Storm Shingles in the Driftwood color offer an exquisite and enduring roofing solution that combines hail impact-resistant roofing “WeatherGuard” technology with aesthetics and durability.

The Driftwood color is a warm and inviting shade, reminiscent of the rustic charm of weathered wood. It adds a touch of elegance to any home, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of architectural styles. Whether yourNew Roof Plus installation at 18961 E Mercer Drive, Aurora, CO 80013 home has a classic or modern design, these shingles seamlessly blend in, enhancing your property’s curb appeal.

Beyond their attractive appearance, Duration Shingles are built to withstand the test of time and the harshest weather conditions. They feature the patented SureNail Technology, which ensures exceptional adhesion and wind resistance, making them capable of withstanding winds of up to 130 mph. This innovative technology provides peace of mind for homeowners, knowing their roof is well-protected.

Technology in the Shingle

Additionally, Owens Corning Duration Shingles in Driftwood are designed with a tough and resilient construction. They are engineered to resist algae growth, and their durable materials make them a dependable choice for long-term performance. The shingles are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty, offering protection for your investment.

In conclusion, Owens Corning Duration Shingles in Driftwood is a top-tier roofing solution that combines timeless beauty with robust performance. If you’re looking for a roofing material that not only enhances the visual appeal of your home but also provides lasting protection, these shingles are an excellent choice. With Owens Corning’s reputation for quality and innovation, you can trust that your roof will stand the test of time with Duration Shingles in the elegant Driftwood color.

Client Review Published on Google

“New Roof Plus replaced our roof after it took hail damage during a large storm. It was our first time getting a roof replaced. Greg helped us navigate the insurance and installation process and took the time to answer all of our questions in detail. The whole team was very responsive, kind, and professional. Stefan was also great and made sure we were fully satisfied with everything. The installation was fast. Our new roof and gutter guards look amazing! We’re very happy with how the project turned out. It’s also a big relief knowing that Greg installed hail-resistant shingles, so our roof will be safer in upcoming storms. Thank you!

— Alix Becker”

Here is the actual link for the review.


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Author: Greg Jones

Greg Jones is the Managing Partner of New Roof Plus. Greg has over 20 years of roofing and home exterior restoration experience. Greg is a Colorado native and has raised his family here in the Denver Metro Area. Greg is certified by many manufacturers and organizations. The reviews you will read about Greg Jones show his commitment to customer service.

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