Trump has a Leak Problem

Find That Leak!  Ok – this is not about Trump…it’s about your roof.

Most people think a roof leak is going to be found directly above the spot inside the house where the water mark has appeared on their ceiling. Sometimes it is this simple, sometimes it takes the FBI to figure it out. Water finds the path of least resistance. It will wait in pools underneath your roofing system, patiently waiting for something to give way so it can do it’s destruction.

As a Denver roofing company we find most leaks start near a penetration to the roof system. A vent pipe, a chimney area or similar disruption to the

Wind damaged shingle on a Denver roof

roof material. Age, weather, hail, wind, foot traffic and other causes can be the source of a roof leak.

If you feel you might have a leak, give us a call. We offer free roof inspections and estimates should a repair or replacement be required. Check out our website here to learn more about finding a roof leak and other roof repairs.