Image of Owens Corning roof system

Englewood Roofing Sale!

Image of roof system
Owens Corning Duration Storm System

Englewood Roofing Sale!

New Roof Plus is having a Sale!  We are offering up to $500 Off a Complete Owens Corning Duration Storm Roofing System. Duration Storm is the “Impact Resistant” shingle offered by Owens Corning. This shingle is designed to withstand hail and wind better than regular asphalt shingles. We can give you more details on the long term benefits of a Duration Storm roofing system. Roofing technology is advancing. Learning more about this “Impact Resistant” roofing system will be both interesting and potentially could save you a lot of money in the long run. New Roof Plus installs many roofing systems including composite shingle, Stone Coated Metal, Metal, Tile, Slate and more.

Englewood roofing plus surrounding towns and villages sustained damage last summer during one of our hail storms. You still see many new roofs going up all over town right now. Many homeowners and building owners are unaware their roof is damaged and could qualify for replacement by your insurnace policy. We are experienced and certified Englewood Roofers who provide roofing services for residential and commercial roofing. We have years of experience working with insurance companies and building owners.

If you would like New Roof Plus to inspect your roof, call us for a no cost inspection by one of our Haag Certified Inspectors.


Standing water on flat roof

Denver Flat Roof Repair from Standing Water

Flat Roof Repair Needed Here

Standing water on flat roof
Standing water on flat roof

Until you get up on your roof, sometimes you don’t know there’s a problem. This Denver homeowner called us because she knew something was wrong. She learned the hard way – a leak inside the back porch! Flat roofing should have a plan to shed or channel water off the roof. In this image, you can see that the roof may have performed okay for many years but a sag in the roofline caused water to begin pooling before it made it to the gutter.

This is a good time of year to get your roof inspected. Things change with time. We had a nice winter but we did get some wind and recently some hail. Last year had a lot of hail and many people are unaware of the damage to their roof.

New Roof Plus is certified by Haag for as Roof Inspectors for Residential and Commercial Roofing. Give us a call to schedule a Free Flat Roof Inspection. This will give you the peace of mind that your roof is secure for the rest of Spring. Call us today!

Snow on the front range mountains

Winter is Coming… May Day!

Snow on the front range mountains
Late Spring snow for Denver

Roofing in Denver on May Day?

Denver roofing companies, bracing for Spring weather got more Winter weather instead. As in Game of Thrones, Winter is always coming to the Rocky Mountains. Light snow fell across the Denver area on the last days of April. Anyone who has lived here for some time knows, this is nothing! Could have been a couple feet.

Today is May 1, also known as May Day, which was an ancient day of ritual and celebration of the start of Spring. In Colorado it is the start of the true stormy hail season for the Front Range of Colorado. As warmer weather moves up from the west and south, colder weather patterns from the north collide with it. So here it comes – May Day! May Day!

The last “freeze date” for planting your garden in the Denver metro area is approximately May 5. So while you may avoid the last freeze planting after May 5th, here comes hail season. Nothing puts a damper on your beautiful green garden faster than a hail storm. It turns lovely gardens into pesto…

A “Green New Deal” for Your Roof

Speaking of green gardens, New Roof Plus can talk to you about some “Green Roof” ideas.  There are many new options for roofing material that are green friendly. One’s definition of green can vary also. Some define Green Roofing as “naturally sourced” materials, like slate or clay tile. Others picture a grass roof with goats.

Most however consider Green Roofing to be roofing that has minimal impact on the environment, and perhaps can give back or provide a sustainable benefit. Technology has advanced us well beyond Goats and the options are huge – from 50 year  hail and wind proof roofing, to solar, to Tesla roofing materials and many more.

The obvious change in Green Roofing is with Shake Roofs. Natural Cedar Shake roofs are still out there and were extremely popular in Denver for decades. Cedar Shake roofing is no longer considered “green” by anyone. Though it’s beauty is still attractive, the sourcing is not. There are some very attractive options to shake that look like shake but do not act like it over the long haul and do not impact the environment the same as cutting down trees.

DECRA makes a stone coated steel roofing options that is extremely hail and wind resistant, it is very light material relative to other options, and it looks great. Some times it can be installed on top of existing roofing systems, so land fills have one less pile of shingles.

Many other manufacturers are out there to consider as well. Give us a call for free inspection, consultation and estimate for your roof!