Highlands Ranch city sign covered in snow

Highlands Ranch Roofing by New Roof Plus

Highlands Ranch city sign covered in snow
Roofing Highlands Ranch homes never stops

Highlands Ranch roofing companies rarely get any rest. Whether it’s winter or summer, you can usually hear the sound of a roofing nail gun. Recently the weather  has been snowy, but come next week, the 50 degree temperatures return, along with the roofing crews.

New Roof Plus has an office in Highlands Ranch and one of it’s owners has lived there most of his life. We take a lot of pride in serving this fine area. A weird thing about Highlands Ranch is that there is no elected government. It is owned and managed by a corporation – Shea Homes. There is no mayor. It’s not technically a city. According to Wikipedia Highlands Ranch is called a “census designated place”. That’s awesome!

“So do you live in the city, the country or a census designated place?”

No matter what they call it, it is a very beautiful place to live, great schools, wonderful trails, a few good restaurants and great people from all over the USA. It is a melting pot like much of Denver.

If your Highlands Ranch home needs a roof inspection, please give us a call. We are the best at it and since we have an office in town – we can be there fast!

New roof installed on home in Colorado Springs, CO

Winter Roofing in Colorado

New roof installed on home in Colorado Springs, CO
New roof installed in Colorado Springs, CO

Merry Christmas Baby!  Santa gave you a new roof!

This home in Colorado Springs got a new roof for Christmas. The mild weather provided an opportunity for people to get a new roof installed during early January. Our weather, as we know, can be warm andgorgeous or snowy this time of year.  As long as the roof decking is clear of snow and ice and the outside temperature isn’t too low, we can install roofs year ’round.

This home is located near the beautiful Broadmoor area of Colorado Springs  got a new roof from insurance proceeds. This area was hit twice this past year with hail. Some people had their roof replaced after both events! Ugh -not fun for them.  If your neighborhood had hail this past year give us a call and will inspect your roof for free. We are certified roof inspectors by Haag – Haag is the most prestigious and recognized name in certification for roofing contractors. The insurance industry recognizes this credential as valuable. We are often called for our expertise in inspections.