Denver roofing fail as water leaks into commercial building

Denver Roofing Gets Tested with Big Spring Storm

Roof leak in Highlands Ranch Rec Center. Shows where water entered the buildingSnow piles up on the roof. The wind blows the snow up, into and under flashing that is not properly secured to this Denver roofing system. The snow melts and in comes the water.

This is a picture of a flat roof leak on one of the Highlands Ranch Rec Centers. The leak had been there for years. A bucket had been placed to catch the drips in the past. Other roofing companies tried but failed to find the source of the leak. It was not an obvious solution.

We found it. The fail point was not visible to the naked eye. Solving this flat roof leak problem took some time and thought. Eventually, we isolated the possible problem spots and began to peel back the layers. Disgusting! We found it. The area had been leaking for a long time. As you can see, the decking underneath had molded and began to crumble. We discovered many problems with roofing failing due to water penetrations.

Denver roofing will be tested with the Spring weather. Be it a giant snowstorm like we are getting now, or a hail storm later in Spring, roofing in Denver and surrounding areas will be tested.

Most roofs fail at points of “penetration”. Penetration points would include flashing, edges, chimneys, vents, skylights, gutter lines, etc. In the imagesDenver roofing fail as water leaks into commercial building on this post, the fail points were where walls met roofing at different levels of the building. The flashing had pulled away, and caulk had lost its seal, allowing water into the building envelope.  After many months of water seeping into the underlayment, the wood began to rot and fail.

The solution to avoid this problem is to hire a roofing company like New Roof Plus to regularly inspect and maintain your roof. The roof is often forgotten. It’s not at eye level and unless there is a leak, you tend to not think of it. Large commercial buildings like this should have a regular inspection at the least. An inspection can fix a leak before you know you have one. This is pretty easy stuff usually.

In the long run, regular roof inspections can extend the life span of your commercial roof by years.

Cherry Hills Village CO Roofing Company Options

Cherry Hills Village is one of Colorado’s most famous cities. It is home to Cherry Hills Golf Course, the site of the 1960 US Open where a young Arnold Palmer won a fantastic come from behind victory.

New roofing and solar panel removal and install from New Roof Plus
New Roof and Solar

Cherry Hills Village is also home to some of the most beautiful homes in Colorado. The village maintains a rural feel with large lots and often, very large homes. Homes of this caliber often have sophisticated roofing systems. The roofs in Cherry Hills can vary from tile and slate to metal and composite materials. New Roof Plus is a locally owned roofing company based in nearby Englewood and has the teams to install any roofing system in Cherry Hills. If you look up reviews, you will New Roof Plus is highly rated.

Cherry Hills Village is an older suburb with mature landscaping and large trees. This makes for beautiful backdrops and yards but it also can be an issue with high winds and other weather events. Your roof may have experienced some wind damage either by lifting roof shingles, tree damage, or hail.

If your home has experienced any severe weather, New Roof Plus can give you a free roof inspection. Our free roof inspection will let you know if you have any problems and if so, what the remedy is to secure your home for the future

Cherry Hills roofing companies vary in experience and review ratings. When searching for a local roofing company it is good to check reviews and also the BBB. This will give you some insight into the quality of the company you are considering.


Denver Flat Roof Repair Made Easy

Flat roof repair and replacement
MidCentury Modern Flat Roof

Flat roof repair is a special skill. Finding a leak on a flat roof can seem simple but sometimes it’s very hard to figure out. Special skills and experience are required!

Here’s an example: A building owner calls us and says “I have a leak coming in from the southwest corner of my building. Can you come to fix it?”

We gladly agree to inspect the situation. Upon the first inspection from the rooftop, the southwest corner of the flat roof looks solid. No standing water, no obvious cracks or penetrations in this location. Right then we know the water is entering in the southwest corner of the building but the problem is somewhere else on the roof! Sometimes a flat roof leak can be far away from where the water enters the building. This is where experience and deduction come into play.

We have the experience to solve your problem. At New Roof Plus we work on

Flat roof installed on school
Flat Roof Installation

Denver Flat Roof Repairs on homes and buildings of all sizes. Each building structure has unique issues and systems in place. We make sure our client’s flat roof problems are taken care of to last a long time. Call us for a free inspection and repair estimate.

Davinci Roofscapes in Denver Colorado

Davinci roofing installation in Denver
New Davinci Roofing

Davinci roofing is a composite roofing shingle designed to look like a real wood shake or slate roof. It is a sophisticated style, super durable, eco-friendly, high dimension alternative to wood shake roofing. The home in this picture is a mansard style roof, made popular in France long ago. The roofline comes down over the windows, creating a very unique presentation.

Many homes in Denver were built with this look and they were covered with cedar wood shake. These homes looked great for a few years but then the shake wood fades and dries out here in Colorado with our dry climate and intense sun. Not an ideal long term solution.

Davinci Roofscapes is a popular choice for homeowners looking to replace wood shake with something else other than wood. If you look closely at our image here, it is very hard to tell that this is a 100% synthetic shingle. This roof will likely outlive the homeowner. It is Class 4 rated to withstand most hail and wind. It’s also a good choice if you live in a fire-prone area.

To read more go to our Google My Business post on a current Davinci Roofscapes Denver Installation.

Call us to have an initial no pressure no-obligation conversation about some options. Our advice is valuable since we install many different materials on beautiful homes every week. Our experience will give you some insight as you research your roofing options.