Davinci Roofscapes in Denver Colorado

Davinci roofing installation in Denver
New Davinci Roofing

Davinci roofing is a composite roofing shingle designed to look like a real wood shake or slate roof. It is a sophisticated style, super durable, eco-friendly, high dimension alternative to wood shake roofing. The home in this picture is a mansard style roof, made popular in France long ago. The roofline comes down over the windows, creating a very unique presentation.

Many homes in Denver were built with this look and they were covered with cedar wood shake. These homes looked great for a few years but then the shake wood fades and dries out here in Colorado with our dry climate and intense sun. Not an ideal long term solution.

Davinci Roofscapes is a popular choice for homeowners looking to replace wood shake with something else other than wood. If you look closely at our image here, it is very hard to tell that this is a 100% synthetic shingle. This roof will likely outlive the homeowner. It is Class 4 rated to withstand most hail and wind. It’s also a good choice if you live in a fire-prone area.

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Metal Roofing in Denver Colorado

Image shows old shake roof removed and preparations for a new metal roof
Old Shake Off, New Metal next

New metal roofing preparations for this Denver area home and farm begin with removing the old worn out wood shake roof. This home is located on a few acres and includes a barn and outbuildings for horses and animals.

Metal roofing in this rural setting is amazing. This home was built in the 1980s and is set on a fantastic piece of land in Lakewood. The old shake roof was well past its prime but the former owners didn’t seem to mind. The new owners knew it was time for an upgrade and chose a standing seam metal roof. Installing a new metal roof will take this classic Denver area homestead and turn it into a showpiece.

Building owners have a few choices when it comes to metal roofing. You have the most well-known standing seam metal roof system, seen across America and everywhere in the mountains. This option comes in many color options as well. Sometimes you will see it mixed with other roofing materials as an accent splash.

There are also other metal roofing materials and styles. Stone-coated steel is a very cool option for wood shake roof or tile roof replacement. It looks like shake but wears like iron – because it is! New Roof Plus installs a lot of stone-coated steel from DECRA. It’s a great product and helps a home maintain it’s original design of a wood shake roof.

Call us about your Denver area metal roofing project. We have the experience and the precision crews for your installation. There is no charge for an initial consultation. Our estimates are free and our advice is priceless!

Standing water on flat roof

When Should You Replace the Roof on a Rental Property?

New roofing and solar panel removal and install from New Roof Plus
New Roof and Solar

Roof replacement is an expensive but also an unavoidable expense of property owners. The moment a roof is installed, the countdown to its eventual expiration date begins. The lifespan of a roof can range from 25 to 100 years, depending on the type of roof. But there are no guarantees that a roof will last until the end of its useful life. Factors like an area’s weather and how well the property owner looks after the roof determine when the roof will eventually need replacing.

Especially, for rental properties, it is important for property owners to keep a keen eye on the condition of their roof. If the roof’s appearance is allowed to deteriorate, the property will lose its attraction for potential tenants. Moreover, a roof that is in a bad shape is liable to develop leaks and make the home unlivable for tenants. Leaks can also result in extensive damage to the major structures and systems of a home. This is why regular roof inspection is critical to maintaining the viability of a rental.

By inspecting their rental property roof on a schedule, landlords can do the following for themselves:

  • Address minor issues early and prevent them from becoming major expenses
  • Detect signs of imminent roof failure so that they can start planning for roof replacement
  • Avoid wasting money on makeshift fixes when the roof actually needs replacing

But to correctly assess the condition of a roof and determine when it needs replacing, landlords must be able to identify the signs of roof failure. Here are the indicators that a rental property’s roof is due for changing.

1.   Damaged shingles

Image of hail damage on a roof
Hail Damage

This is not just a case of one missing or damaged shingle. When roof shingles start to curl, buckle, and crack regularly, it is a warning that the roof needs replacement. Roof shingles can curl and buckle as a result of extreme temperature changes or accumulation of moisture. Cracked shingles often result from wind damage.

In addition to cracking and curling, another sign of aging roof shingles is excessive shedding of granules. Roofs normally shed granules, but when the gutters become filled with granules, it means the roof has started to lose its effectiveness as a barrier against the elements.

2.   Bowing or sagging roof

A dip in the roof is a sure sign that it needs to be replaced. Depending on how deep the depression on the roof surface, it may or may not be visible from inside the home. A sagging roof usually occurs when there is a shift in the underlying structures that support the roof. This could be the internal structures of the roof or the home’s foundations. Other times, sagging can also be caused by the excessive weight of snow.

3.   Roof rot

If the wood in the interior part of the roof is exposed to moisture for

Roof with hole in it. New Roof Plus fixed this problem.
Roof repair needed here!

prolonged periods, it will rot. Rot encourages the growth of fungi and attracts pests that accelerate the deterioration of the wood. There are several sign landlords can look out for which reveal the presence of rotting wood in a home’s roof.

They include a sagging roof deck, evidence of water damage on the ceiling, openings in the roof (missing shingles or torn flashing), algae growth on the wood deck, and the presence of mold in the attic (particularly if the attic insulation is also soaked with water).

4.   Regular roof leaks

A home’s roof can spring leaks for a variety of reasons. A leaky roof is not a sign that the roof needs to be replaced. Roof leaks happen for a range of reasons. But when leaks become a common occurrence and the roof has undergone several repairs, it may be time to change the entire roof.

The type of events that landlords should look out for in connection with a leaking roof includes water intrusion, water pooling on the roof surface, dark streaks, or stains on the underside of the roof, and dark streaks running down the interior & exteriors walls. Depending on the extent of the leak and the underlying causes, the whole roof may not require changing, but only a section of it might need simple roof leak repair.

5.   Growths on the roof

Anything growing on a roof can damage it. The most common growths

New Roof Plus - An Englewood Roofing Company
Roof with hail damage

found on roofs are mold, mildew, algae, and moss. Moss allows moisture to accumulate on the roof’s surface; this predisposes the roof to wood rot. Algae eat away at the shingles by metabolizing the materials they are made of.

This makes the roof brittle, porous, and susceptible to rot. Mold is one of the clearest signs a roof is suffering from water damage. Mold growing on the roof and its interior structures will cause the wood to weaken and attract pests into the roof. Mildew only grows on wet surfaces; if it is found on the roof, it means the roof is already exposed to water damage.

Finally, if there is an inexplicable spike in the home’s energy costs, then the roof may have lost its efficiency. Also if a roof is nearing the end of its useful life, it should be replaced.

New Decra stone coated steel roof installed

Denver Decra Stone Coated Steel Installation

New Decra stone coated steel roof installed
New Decra roof

Out with the old curled up wood shake roof! In with the new Class 4 Decra Stone Coated Steel roof! This new roof looks shake-like and is absolutely stunning. This home looks new again.

This is a neighborhood called Columbine Knolls South and the HOA requires homeowners to replace their old wood shake roofs with something that is safer, longer-lasting, and fits the original look and feel of the neighborhood. The answer to these requirements is Decra Stone Coated steel roofing, installed by New Roof Plus.

Stone-coated steel offers a home or building owner a long list of benefits. The greatest benefit is its durability. As a Class 4 rated roofing material, it can withstand hail that other roofs can not handle. Same for wind resistance. We just had a super-strong wind event here in the Denver area and many roofs lost a lot of shingles. Not so with a properly installed stone coated Decra roof from New Roof Plus.

This material is also Class 4 rated for fire protection. A serious concern if you live in a wooded or mountainous area here in Colorado. This material will not burn.

roof prep for Decra roof install Columbine Knolls South Littleton
Columbine Knolls South Decra Install

The Decra stone-coated steel installation process is designed to secure the metal sections to the roof. As you can see in this picture of a home getting  a new roof in Littleton, at the preparation stage, battens are secured to the roof to tie-in each section of the new metal roofing system.

Columbine Knolls South is similar to many other HOA’s in Denver. They want a secure neighborhood that has consistent quality expectations for all homes in the HOA or POA.  If your HOA or POA is eliminating wood shake as an option, let us know and we can help you design the new look that can give your house back it’s “Wow!”