Decra Stone-coated steel roof installation, Highlands Ranch CO New Roof Plus

Stone-Coated Steel Roof Installation In Highlands Ranch, CO

New roof installed at 9942 Sydney Ln, Littleton CO. This is a Decra Roof Installation by New Roof Plus in October 2023.

  • Stone-coated Steel Roofing Installation and Asphalt Shingle Roof Removal – Single Family Residential Home
  • Hail Damaged Roof Replacement
  • Location – Sydney Lane, Littleton, CO (Highlands Ranch) 80130
  • Client – Local resident
  • Roofing Contractor – New Roof Plus of Highlands Ranch, CO
  • Scope of Project – Roof inspection, Insurance Claim, Removal of damaged asphalt roofing, Replacement of any damaged decking, Install new water shield underlayment, Installation of 19 squares of new Decra Stone-coated Steel roofing system, Quality check, Site Clean up
  • Time to Complete – 4 days
  • Products UsedDecra Stone-Coated Steel Tile Roof System, Charcoal
  • Contractor Notes
  • “Very smooth project. The client was referred to us by Decra as he was replacing a roof on his rental property due to damage from a tornado. The client did ask for references as well as property addresses to view. He signed up with us, the permit was ordered, the project was ordered and within 3 weeks we had it installed. Insurance was easy to close out with. With this being Decra, we did have our specific crew assigned for this material. We have very high standards which is why Decra refers us out.”

For more information, contact Greg Jones at New Roof Plus, call 720-739-4800 | Scroll Down for Project Photos and details

Decra Stone-coated Steel Tile Roof Highlands Ranch CO

Finding a Contractor

A local Highlands Ranch resident contacted Decra to find a qualified local contractor to discuss the possible installation of Decra Tile to their roof. Decra referred the client to New Roof Plus.  New Roof Plus met with the client and discussed the installation process, details about the product, and the various options Decra offers.

The New Roof Installation Process

  1. Roof Consultation
  2. Roof Inspection
  3. If damage is present, an insurance claim may be submitted by the homeowner.
  4. Project preparations including material selection, product order, product delivery, and installation date determined
  5. Roof Installation
  6. Clean-up and Final Inspection

Decra Stone-coated steel roof installation, Highlands Ranch CO New Roof PlusRoof Installation Steps

  1. Prepare home yard and disposal location on the driveway near the roof
  2. The old roofing removal process begins.  Disposed in dumpster.
  3. The roof decking was inspected for rot or damage. Replacement of damaged decking
  4. Roof vents are secured or installed if additional venting is required.
  5. Underlayment was installed across the entire roof. This is the first layer of waterproofing
  6. Decra support system installed for supporting the Decra Tile system.
  7. Decra Charcoal Tile installed
  8. Quality check of the entire roof system
  9. Clean Up of area and removal of Dumpster and all materials

Products Used – Decra Tile, Charcoal

The client chose the Decra Tile. Decra calls it scalloped-style Mediterranean tile with the durability of stone-coated steel.

Product Description – reads similar to this: The graceful S-shaped design of scalloped-style Mediterranean tiles not only brings a touch of charm to Mediterranean-themed architecture but also Decra Tile Roof Installation in Highlands Ranch, CO by New Roof Plusmeets the aesthetic requirements. However, it’s essential to note that original clay tiles have a tendency to crack easily and are highly susceptible to damage from hail, wind, and storm debris.

Enter the DECRA Tile line – a range of stone-coated metal roofing products that seamlessly combine the vibrant colors and distinctive style of Mediterranean tiles with the robust strength of industrial steel. This innovative solution not only preserves the visual appeal but also ensures enhanced durability, providing a resilient and reliable roofing option for your architectural needs.

Client Review of Project on Google

I have been a landlord in Highlands Ranch, Colorado for over 20 years. I have had to deal with several hail storms and recently was impacted by the tornado on June 22, 2023 which damaged the roof on one of my rentals. I did a very detailed search of roofers in my area and selected New Roof Plus based on their work done in the Highlands Ranch and Littleton areas. We really wanted to move from an asphalt roof to a metal stone coated using Decra. Decra recommended New Roof Plus and I immediately spoke with Greg to have him come out and do a bid on my property. Greg was incredibly knowledgeable about the product and walked me through the roofing material and process they use to install the roof. He gave me about 15 names and addresses in the local area that New Roof Plus had completed that I could reach out to get their references. I called all 15 individuals and physically went to see their roofs. The jobs that they did were just beautiful, all the references highly recommended New Roof Plus and it was clear that we wanted to do business with New Roof Plus and signed that day.

Greg provided daily updates about the job as it was started and eventually completed. It took about 4 days from start to finish to remove the roof, install the new roof and get everything approved through the permit process. Greg’s team worked incredibly hard and delivered such a beautiful final result. I would highly recommend Decra product as it has a 50-year warranty and your insurance will even give you a discount on your home owner’s insurance. My mom has had Decra over 20 years through multiple hail storms and it looks just as good as when it was installed. Greg’s team did a great job cleaning up the job site and ensure everything was properly cleaned after the roof was installed.

Dawn runs the front office at New Roof Plus and got all my paperwork ready for my insurance company so I could get all the discounts on my roof and did so in the same day as when the roof was completed. Start to finish, I am completely thrilled with the final result. It was a pleasure working with Greg and the team at New Roof Plus. They delivered a great result and did so quickly to help me get the home back in order for my tenant. I would highly recommend New Roof Plus if you need a new roof and I am sure you will be happy with the results. I will be recommending New Roof Plus to all my friends and family! Special thank you to the New Roof Plus team for all their hard work!

Here is the actual link for the review.

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