Denver Residential Roofing After the Storms

A few hail storms rumbled through the south Denver metro area recently, hitting many residential homes. Denver has seen much worse in the past. This year’s hail was calm, but the season is not completely over. Denver residential roofing companies, like New Roof Plus, have been called out for a lot of roof inspections. Homeowners were certain their roof was damaged. Fortunately for most of them, the damage wasn’t enough to warrant a replacement

Image of hail damage on a roof

When the next storm does enough damage to warrant replacement, your options are more than you might think. Today, residential roofing includes many varieties, styles, and options. If your home has always had an asphalt roof, there are options you can consider that can give your home a fresh new look or a completely bold look with something more dramatic. Here are a few considerations.

Architectural Style Asphalt Shingles

Architectural style shingles are extra thick asphalt shingles. It adds dimension and variation to the roof’s look. Traditional asphalt roofs are pretty smooth. Manufacturers have developed advanced coloring variations to create the illusion of definition.  If you are looking for something with a more actual definition look, this shingle is worth considering.  These are called Architectural Shingles. They are still made of Asphalt, but create the sense of largeness and perhaps a shake or slate look.

Traditional Asphalt Shingles

Millions of homes across the US are covered with traditional Asphalt shingles. Since the 19o0’s when Asphalt first came into use, the Asphalt shingle has been improved a lot but the basics are still very similar and familiar. Usually installed in “3 Tab” configuration, Asphalt shingles provide a very affordable, reliable, and attractive roofing system. A very popular shingle in the category is the Owens Corning Duration line of shingle.

Class 4 Rated Asphalt Shingles

Class 4 Rated Asphalt Shingles are the top designation for Asphalt roofing options. A Class 4 rating for roofing materials means it withstands a greater disturbance from hail or wind. To earn the designation, a manufacturer needs to get UL (Underwriters Laboratory) tested and approved.

As you would expect, a Class 4 rated asphalt shingle will be thicker, like an architectural shingle. It will also be designed to withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour and survive hail better than Class 3 shingles. Asphalt is still asphalt in the end – which is a combination of a tar-like material combined with fiberglass and

More Than Asphalt…

Beyond Asphalt, you have a lot of choices. New Roof Plus installs all of these. Here is a quick list and pages in our website where you can learn more about them:

Now you know that your next asphalt roof, if that is what you choose, could be many different styles and of varying quality. To upgrade to a Class 4 shingle from a regular shingle is not that much of a difference in price. If you would like to get some ideas from New Roof Plus, one of the leading roofing companies near Englewood CO, we offer free roof inspections and estimates.

Designer Roofing Ideas for Denver Colorado

Euroshield ruber roofing on large homeDesigner roofing options for Denver include the classics – like natural slate and tile. You might see slate roofs in the Denver Country Club areas or Cherry Hills Village with a real slate roofing system. No other organic roofing material gives a grander or more timeless appearance to a stately Denver home as does slate or tile.

While gorgeous, Slate and Tile have their modern drawbacks:

  • Slate is a very heavy material. It is rock after all
  • Slate often requires additional structural support which creates added cost
  • Tile often has the same substructure requirements
  • Slate is expensive
  • Slate and Tile are fragile
  • It is not good to walk on slate or tile if repairs or other work needs to be done on the roof

There are options for you to consider in place of real slate or tile. These designer roofing choices come with many benefits. Cost benefits, durability, installation improvements, color choices, hail resistance, and other long-term benefits come with new technology found in modern roofing materials.

Designer Roofing Options to Consider In Place of Slate or Tile:

Here are several options to consider that we install on some of Denver’s finer homes.

The material used in this picture here is NOT real slate. It’s fabulous looking and most decerning people can not tell it’s a manufactured composite material from Davinci Roofscapes. “Composite roofing shingle” means it is made from a combination of resins and other materials toDavinci Roofscapes Composite tile by New Roof Plus produce a super hard, long-lasting, and beautiful roofing shingle that is lightweight, and hail resistant.  It is a modern adaptation to look like a real slate roof but it is a composite material. It is very lightweight, withstands most hail and wind, and it looks like real slate.

Call us to discuss your designer roofing wishes. You may have a certain look you want on your home and we can help you find it.

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