Standing seam residential metal roofing Parker, CO by New Roof Plus 2022

Denver Residential Metal Roofing for Hail, Fire and Beauty

New Roof Plus installs residential metal roofing on beautiful homes across Colorado. From Rocky Mountain homes to suburban Denver homes, metal roofing can add a cool residential metal roofing Parker, CO by New Roof Plusarchitectural element like none other. Residential Denver homeowners are using more metal roofing now than ever for many reasons. From a complete standing seam metal roof to using metal roofing in just certain areas, metal roofing adds a touch of class and sophistication.

Residential Metal Roofing Benefits

Residential metal roofing has a lot of benefits for a homeowner to consider. Yes, metal roofing looks great but it also gets 5 Stars for:

  • Hail. Metal typically has a hail rating of Class 4. This means typical hail will not damage the metal roof as it can to traditional asphalt shingle.
  • Snow. Metal tends to slough off snow better than other materials.
  • Fire. Metal doesn’t burn. If you are in a fire-prone area, a metal roof is a good first line of defense from floating embers.
  • Durability. Metal roofing lasts for decades.

These are just a few benefits that are tangible. In fact, aesthetically and architecturally, residential metal roofing is elegant and strong. New RoofNew residential metal roof installation. Metal roof installation on home in Denver metro area. Plus installs a lot of residential metal roofing across the Denver metro area and in the mountain communities of Evergreen, Conifer, and even up into Winter Park and Granby areas. Next, you can read a little bit more about a residential metal roofing project we recently installed in Parker Colorado

Metal Roofing and Wildfire Danger Protection

As we are all too aware, fire is a major Colorado problem and frightening concern as we continue to experience drought conditions across the front range and mountain areas. A metal roof does provide some protection that other roofing materials do not. If a wildfire is a concern of yours, metal roofing solutions for wildfire protection are worth a deep dive into your research.

If you would like to talk about ideas, give us a call to start a conversation. We are low key, low pressure, and above all, experienced. We can help get your research started around residential metal roofing ideas.