Old Storm Damage Gets New Roof from Insurance Company

New Roof Plus - An Englewood Roofing Company
Hail damage visible on roofing shingles

We were inspecting a roof in Littleton recently and found damage caused by hail to the composite shingles. The damage was not new however – it had happened last year or maybe later, it appeared to us. New hail damage is easier to spot as the roofing granules tend to be more obviously missing. With older damage, as time goes by, the hail impact sites, from intense heat on the roof, can become less clear and pronounced.

Our inspector noted all the damaged impact spots, even though they seemed old, and we called in the Insurance adjuster. The adjuster agreed the roof was damaged and qualified for replacement. According to the insurance company, storms had been in the area within the time window of being an acceptable claim.

The Lesson Learned: Even if your roof was damaged perhaps long ago, there have been so many storms in Colorado over the past several years, it would be impossible for the insurance companies to know which storm it was that did the damage to your house or building.

Free Inspection from New Roof Plus. Call us for a free inspection by our certified roofing inspector and know for sure if your roof is secure. There are time limits an insurance company will put on replacement – but with all the storm activity, it is a good time to to get it looked at – so old or new, if your roof is shot, odds are good you’re covered.