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Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Colorado

Standing seam metal roofs are the classic metal roof you see everywhere in Colorado. You find Standing Seam metal roofs in Denver, in the mountains, and out on the eastern Colorado plains. Standing seam residential metal roofing Parker, CO by New Roof Plus 2022Standing seam metal roofing is durable, hail-resistant, fire-resistant, wind-resistant, and awesome-looking. You see standing seam on many types of buildings. Originally designed for industrial buildings, you now see standing seam roofs on all building types, including high-end homes.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Its very name, Standing Seam Metal Roofing, exactly describes how it looks. Metal panels are joined together at a protruding seam between theNew green standing seam metal roofing installation in Evergreen CO by New Roof Plus panels. It is as simple as that. Vertical panels of varying widths, lengths, and colors, run across the roof. The vertical seams define the “Standing Seam” classic look from a distance.

New Roof Plus installs a lot of standing seam metal roofs in Colorado. We are experts in this metal roofing niche in the roofing industry.

Standing Seam Metal Color Choices

You have a lot of options when choosing your standing seam metal roof Commercial standing seam metal roofing installed by New Roof Pluscolor. The classics are green and red but there are many more now. Blues, greys, white, black, teal, browns, and more. Different manufacturers make varying colors, so nothing is holding you back.

The color you choose for a standing seam metal roof will really make a huge impact on the curb appeal of your building. In the picture above, Texas Roadhouse Restaurant uses a green standing seam roof on all of its restaurants to define its brand. These distinctive buildings stand out and make a statement about their brand.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Free Advice

We offer advice at no cost to you. Since we install this material all the time, we have manufacturers that we prefer for varying reasons. If your standing seam metal roofing project needs some guidance, give us a call and we can arrange a conversation to help you.

Types of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

You have many choices in the type of standing seam metal roof also. The panels can be pressed into many styles.  V-ribs, Striated patterns, bead ribs,

metal roof on mountain cabin
Standing Seam metal

Pencil ribs and more are a few of the options. All of these styles give a different look – and can serve different purposes as well.

Standing seam metal roofing looks perfect on a mountain house in Colorado. The image here shows an older cabin with a new classic red standing seam metal roof.

Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

  1. Weather Durability
  2. Curb Appeal
  3. Easy Care
  4. Options and Colors
  5. Snow and Ice Dam Removal

These are just a few benefits to standing seam metal roofs. Each one of these listed benefits has more benefits inside them.  For example, Weather Durability means ALL-WEATHER issues. This is why you see standing seam metal roofs in Florida and other hurricane-prone areas. It is a very tough material for any type of weather.

Here in Colorado, we get hail, fire, wind, snow, ice dams, and more. Our weather is extreme and standing seam metal roofs are a great option for this problem.

We Are Ready to Install Your New Standing Seam Roof

New Roof Plus has the teams to help you with your roofing project. You can learn more about us by checking out our BBB listing or reading some of our Google reviews. We work very hard to deliver a beautiful roof and if your project includes a standing seam metal roof installation, New Roof Plus is a high-quality choice.


Decra roof installation New Roof Plus 2022

Decra Roofing Installation in the Denver Area

Decra roofing in Denver and surrounding areas is a favorite roofing option of our experts at New Roof Plus. We install Decra stone-coated steel roofing on homes in Denver, the Denver suburbs, and surrounding mountain homes too. A stone-coated steel roof can withstand everything that our climate canDecra roof installation New Roof Plus 2022 throw at it. This includes hail, wind, fire, intense sun exposure, heavy snow, and more.

This home that you see in this post is getting a new Decra stone-coated steel roof and it is located in Larkspur Colorado. Larkspur is a beautiful town south of Denver that is in a pine forest setting. This environment puts unique stresses on different roofing materials. Some of the more traditional materials like asphalt can have more trouble than the more durable materials like steel, metal, and composite roofing.  Pine needles and other debris can build up on many roofs and cause rot in certain materials. This debris needs to be removed no matter what roof type you have, but roofing material like stone-coated steel from Decra will not rot.

Why DECRA Roofing for Denver?

Decra is the brand leader in stone-coated steel roofing systems. There are other options to consider. These other brands can be priced less than Decra Decra roof installation New Roof Plus 2022 in Larkspur Coloradoso it is worth you doing your research to find the product you prefer. Here is a link to the Decra website to see what they have to offer. We can help you with this process too.

We like Decra because they have been doing it the longest, they have good supply availability, the product is solid and it is always of good quality and consistency. Decra also has a lot of color options that most homeowners seem to like.

Decra Roofing to Replace Tile or Shake Roofing

Decra roofing comes in a few styles. These are tile, shingle, or shake. They are all the same material – stone-coated steel.

roof prep for Decra roof install Columbine Knolls South Littleton
Columbine Knolls South Decra Install

We often write about Decra since it is such a versatile roofing option for Colorado. Decra offers:

  • Great durability from our climate including hail and fire resistance
  • Design choices to fit any home including custom homes and mountain homes
  • Great option when replacing wood shake roofing
  • Long-lasting with great warranties

You can read our previous posts about Decra Roofing here.

Standing seam residential metal roofing Parker, CO by New Roof Plus 2022

Denver Residential Metal Roofing for Hail, Fire and Beauty

New Roof Plus installs residential metal roofing on beautiful homes across Colorado. From Rocky Mountain homes to suburban Denver homes, metal roofing can add a cool residential metal roofing Parker, CO by New Roof Plusarchitectural element like none other. Residential Denver homeowners are using more metal roofing now than ever for many reasons. From a complete standing seam metal roof to using metal roofing in just certain areas, metal roofing adds a touch of class and sophistication.

Residential Metal Roofing Benefits

Residential metal roofing has a lot of benefits for a homeowner to consider. Yes, metal roofing looks great but it also gets 5 Stars for:

  • Hail. Metal typically has a hail rating of Class 4. This means typical hail will not damage the metal roof as it can to traditional asphalt shingle.
  • Snow. Metal tends to slough off snow better than other materials.
  • Fire. Metal doesn’t burn. If you are in a fire-prone area, a metal roof is a good first line of defense from floating embers.
  • Durability. Metal roofing lasts for decades.

These are just a few benefits that are tangible. In fact, aesthetically and architecturally, residential metal roofing is elegant and strong. New RoofNew residential metal roof installation. Metal roof installation on home in Denver metro area. Plus installs a lot of residential metal roofing across the Denver metro area and in the mountain communities of Evergreen, Conifer, and even up into Winter Park and Granby areas. Next, you can read a little bit more about a residential metal roofing project we recently installed in Parker Colorado

Metal Roofing and Wildfire Danger Protection

As we are all too aware, fire is a major Colorado problem and frightening concern as we continue to experience drought conditions across the front range and mountain areas. A metal roof does provide some protection that other roofing materials do not. If a wildfire is a concern of yours, metal roofing solutions for wildfire protection are worth a deep dive into your research.

If you would like to talk about ideas, give us a call to start a conversation. We are low key, low pressure, and above all, experienced. We can help get your research started around residential metal roofing ideas.


New green standing seam metal roofing installation in Evergreen CO by New Roof Plus

Metal Roofing Denver – Looking Good!

Denver metal roofing installer, New Roof Plus, installs a wide variety of styles in metal roofing. If you are researching residential metal roofing, we have quite a lot of experience with this. If you are looking for informationNew green metal roofing installation in Evergreen CO by New Roof Plus on commercial metal roofing for a building, we also have some cool projects we have been involved with.

Whether for residential metal roofing or commercial metal roofing, metal roofing is versatile. It is super durable. It is used as accent areas, complimenting other roofing materials like composite shake or tile. It is just as often used as a complete roofing system. It is architecturally interesting and adds texture and style like no other material.

Metal Roofing for Homes

Denver metal roofing companies, like New Roof Plus, install metal roofs on homes or as they are sometimes called steep slope roofs. Metal roofs on a residential home can look very high-end, especially when complemented with other roofing shingle materials.  This mix of materials gives a super unique, custom look. Composite shingles that are impact and wind resistant and their high definition look mix beautifully with flat smooth metal options.

If you look around at new construction going up in the Denver area, you will see a lot of metal roofing integration. This exterior metal high-end industrial look is not too new. Chipotle Mexican Grill was an innovator many years ago in the use of high-end metal inside their stores. They mixed corrugated metal cut-outs of Aztec figures, along with metal panels at the counter areas – along with metal tables. They took the metal industrial look and made it sleek and high-end.

Metal Roofing in Denver

The Highlands area in north Denver is a great place to cruise around for metal roofing ideas. Here you will find an abundance of new buildings with metal roof integrations and retrofit buildings with metal roofing. This part of town has grown so much over the past 10 years or so. Real estate values have skyrocketed and investors are pouring money into development. Each

New Decra stone coated steel roof installed
New Decra roof

building owner wants their structure to be unique, to be attractive, and stand the test of time. This could be a reason metal roofing is being used so much.

Mountain homes and buildings have long used metal as a primary roofing source. Originally, metal roofing was installed for practical purposes. It was durable for harsh weather, it was relatively cheap, it works great at handling snow loads and it was easy to maintain. But as buildings and mountain homes have improved, metal roofing has improved as well. A metal roof is now the standard for most new construction.

Other Metal Roofing Ideas

When someone says metal roofing, most people think of a mountain cabin or farm building that has standing seam metal roofing installed. This is the classic metal roof that can come in several colors like red and green most notably. But there are many other options to consider.

Metal roofing options include Stone Coated Steel metal roofing. This material is pressed metal designed to look like shake roofing or tile roofing. The shape is pressed into the metal and then it gets coated with various colors of stone and resin. This manufacturing process has been in existence since the early 1900s but has continued to be improved. It is a very popular choice still today. It gives a high-end finish look. It is very durable. It looks like shake but it is not wood.

New Roof Plus specializes in these metal roofing solutions in Colorado. We have installed metal on beautiful Denver homes and many mountain properties as well. We have also worked on many commercial roofing projects – installing new roofs on many Texas Roadhouse restaurants across the southwest US as well.

Give us a call to discuss your metal roofing ideas or questions. Our inspections and estimates are free – as is our advice. Call anytime! We are one of the top-rated roofing companies in Englewood, CO.