New skylights with a New Roof

skylight installed to new roof
New roof, new skylight!

The perfect time to to install a new skylight is when you are getting a new roof. This is a Velux skylight installed during a new roof installation. Skylights can be great for interior spaces that do not get enough natural sunlight. New Roof Plus installs new skylights in many varieties.

Another skylight option are”Solar Tubes”. Solar tubes are designed to reflect the sun light into a small opening but because of the reflective material, a lot of light is condensed into the tube – creating a bright natural light in a space that might otherwise be dark. An expample of placements for solar tubes can be interior bathrooms without windows, laundry rooms, utility rooms, garages and hallways.

Since the installation requires a roof decking penetration, the best time to install a new skylight or solar tube is when you are getting a new roof.

The project in this picture shows a new Highlands Ranch roof with skylight.



Christmas Lights with the Griswolds

Man putting up lights on house for Christmas
Clark! Be careful Clark!

Here we go – time to hang the lights on the house. As Clark Griswold made famous in “Christmas Vacation”, the goal is to put up more lights than anyone else. Get your staple gun out, go to Home Depot and buy all the lights you can. Climb on the roof and start nailing!

We don’t recommend this actually. As Clark learned, falling off a roof isn’t that hard to do. We climb up on roofs every day. But we’re trained professionals. It’s still dangerous. Especially if there is any snow or ice. Even hanging lights on the gutters like this guy is doing is actually quite dangerous. See how he is leaning out to place just another small section of lights… We’ve all done it but it’s not wise. Stay centered on your ladder. Take a few more minutes and move the ladder more often to keep your weight centered. And always have a spotter holding the ladder in place.

Enjoy your Holidays and be safe. Call us with any roofing concerns you might have.


~Greg and the New Roof Plus Team