Flat Roof Leaks Caused by Denver Hail Storm

Flat Roof repair Denver
Old roof meets new roof. Flat roof repair is tricky.

We were called to inspect this Denver commercial roofing problem due to leaks into the building. At a glance we knew quite a few things about this commercial flat roof:

1. It had been repaired many times since it’s installation. This was an old roof.

2. Water had puddled in many places, discoloring the surface. Water should not stand on any roof – flat or pitched. All roofs should have a route to channel water off the surface. This one did not have a good plan for water channeling.

3. Hail had made many impacts that had literally knocked chunks of the surface off the foundation. This was likely the cause of the leak problem.

New Roof Plus is a Certified Commercial Roof Inspector by Haag. Haag is the Gold Standard for Commercial and Residential Roof Inspection Certification. It’s a difficult Certification to achieve and requires, time, expense and brains to acquire it. New Roof Plus believes that you need to continuously invest in technology and knowledge to be the best.

Our motto is “Building New Roofs and Relationships”. Building new roofs may sound simple but this is where we invest in our knowledge so we can build the BEST new roofs – be it a residential home or a complex commercial roof system, we do the homework and have the experience to do great work.

And we work just as hard to make sure our clients know they are important and valued and well care for.


New Roof – Old Solar

New Roof Plus Solar Panels
New roof with solar panels

So you need a new roof after all the hail this year. But you have solar panels and you’re concerned about choosing the right roofing company to do both jobs – fix the roof and reinstall the solar system.

Roof Penetrations Are a Source of Leaks

As solar becomes more popular and more homes install solar systems, the roof replacement part becomes a more common dilemma. A solar system installed on a roof creates lots of what roofers call “penetrations”. Penetrations refer to any hole through the roof structure. Penetrations are the usual source for a future leak. Prior to solar systems, roof leaks were often found to be around chimneys, pipes or vents coming up from the house. These were easy to find penetrations. When you install a solar system, the number of leak sources increases dramatically. Every panel of a solar system is attached via penetration through your roof.

To avoid future problems, a good roofing company knows the proper process and techniques to secure your roof until the whole roof needs replacement – avoiding the leak potential of solar roof penetration.

New Roof Plus has years of first-hand experience both in the reinstallation of a solar system and in the initial installation of a NEW solar system.  Here’s a review quote from a client who had this exact issue. New Roof Plus made this customer happy!

We had a hail damaged roof with solar panels and gutter issues. We travel and have busy lives so there is not a lot of time to take care of all of these items. Greg with New Roof Plus came in and took the entire project on and oversaw and coordinated the gutter installation, solar panel removal, storage, and re-installation and even took care of the paperwork with our insurance. He is truly a pleasure to work with and very professional. We would HIGHLY recommend Greg and New Roof Plus for your roofing needs.” ~ Steven Mussman

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Winter Roof Check from New Roof Plus

Wondering if your roof is secure for winter? Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs all had vicious hail storms this year. It’s not a bad idea to have someone take a look to see if you have damage that could allow water into your house over winter.

New Roof Plus roof inspections
Before winter, get your roof inspected for leaks and roofing issues from hail or wind that could cause a problem over winter.

New Roof Plus is certified as a Haag Certified Roofing Inspector. This means we have been trained at the highest level in the roofing industry to examine, identify and diagnose roofing problems. Our inspectors are from Colorado, they are certified and experienced. Read our reviews to see what others say but we take our business very seriously.

When you call New Roof Plus, you get a certified expert, who provides an expert free inspection and a free analysis and estimate – not some sales guy who drove his truck here from Tennessee two months ago, got hired in two seconds by a greedy roofing company to sell as many roofs as possible as soon as possible.

Be careful and discerning when choosing who you let up on your roof.  Choose a truly local, highly trained roofing expert like New Roof Plus.