Repair the Roof When the Sun is Shining

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” ― John F. Kennedy

JFK made this excellent quote about roofing, using the analogy to promote investment when when times are good. Times were good in 1962 with the American economy booming. Some could say the same thing about today’s economy. We have certainly seen a booming economy in Denver over the past several years.

If your roof is in need of repair or replacement, the good news is the replacement is most likely an insurance covered expense. So there’s some sunshine!

Also, even though winter is on it’s way, Denver gets more sunshine than most cities in the world! So we can install new roofs pretty much year round. More sunshine!

If you need a Free Roof Inspection New Roof Plus is certified at the highest levels for residential roofs and commercial roof applications.

We have recently replaced roofs all across the Denver metro area including a beautiful home in Lakewood – you can read more about this here.

The sun is shining on Denver  Colorado!


Image of mountains with sun rays through clouds Littleton CO

Thanksgiving Blessings

Image of mountains with sun rays through clouds Littleton CO
Sunset in Littleton

Happy Thanksgiving!

Living here in Colorado is considered by most to be a blessing. Every day, if you take the time to look around, there is beauty to be seen. Our spectacular mountains line us to the west, creating amazing sunrises and sunsets. New snow is now visible on the mountain tops, so we know ski season is upon us. We are blessed with more days of sunshine than most cities in America. Low humidity makes summer days feel great, almost at any temperature. Wildlife that includes Elk, Bear, Mountain Lions, Deer and Antelope is never far off. Trout fishing is just a short drive from anywhere.  Others could chime in and add so much more to our list of blessings.

There is so much to be thankful for this and every Thanksgiving we celebrate here in Colorful Colorado.

With Gratitude to all,
~The New Roof Plus Team

Nails are good in the roof, Bad on the Sidewalk

Roofing nail laying on sidewalk
One lonely nail

Nails by the thousands. Every roof has thousands of nails securing them to the decking beneath. One of the most common complaints from homeowners is when they find nails around their house after getting a new roof. It’s no wonder this could happen.

And roofing nails are sharp! They are just the right length to cause a real problem. They have a flat head too so they can even stand up on an end and cause a lot of damage to a tire or worse – a foot!

This is a big deal to us at New Roof Plus. We are perfectionists. We prefer to clean up at the end of each day to make sure the work site is clean and safe as possible.

New roof installation
New roof installation near Littleton CO

This home near Littleton CO is getting a new roof installed.  As roofers work their way across the installation lines, nails are placed to secure each three tab shingle section.

Roofing technology has not advanced enough to a point where a good old fashioned nail is not required. Maybe someday roofs will be installed without nails! And humans won’t have to climb up there either!

Highlands Ranch Roofing and Exteriors Impacted by Storms

Roof damage Highlands Ranch
Roof damage to asphalt shingle.

Roof damage from hail in Highlands Ranch has caused untold millions of dollars in damaged roofs over the past several years. The damage has been substantial to both residential and commercial buildings throughout the entire Denver metro area.

Have you had your shingle roof inspected in the past few years? If not, it might be a good time to get a free inspection. If you prefer to use a Highlands Ranch roofing company, New Roof Plus has an office in Highlands Ranch so we can inspect your home in relatively short notice.

New Roof Plus is certified at the highest levels for professional roof inspection of residential roofs and commercial roofs. Our Haag Certifications let our clients know we are professionals who are on the cutting edge of the industry, that we invest in ourselves to be the best in the business, and that our company is committed to excellence.

Winter is fast approaching so give us a call today for your free roof inspection and estimate!