Summer Rains After Summer Hail

Last night the Denver area received a much needed heavy but gentle rain. Perfect for the yards, gardens and fields to soak up. Much of the entire State of Colorado is very dry so we still need more. One problem from these rains is for people who’s homes were impacted by hail over the past few months. If your roof has any penetrations from the hail, you may get water entering your home…not good.

Hail damage to metal flashing on home
Hail penetrated flashing near siding

This picture shows a hole in the metal flashing of a home in Littleton Colorado. The hail stone hit the metal flashing and actually went through the metal, leaving a small hole. The problem here is obvious but it gets worse. This location is where water runs down the home’s siding to the gutter below. Water runs right over this hole, seeping into the home. Fortunately the house was protected with a temporary tarp until the roof could be replaced. But this hole was kind of hard to find. A professional inspector found it and was able to cover the problem before another big rain came along.

Roof inspections are a good idea if there was a storm in your area this year. Some areas had surprisingly large hail and all it takes is a few big hits to ruin a perfectly good roof. New Roof Plus offers a completely free professional roof inspection. We are Haag Certified for Residential Roofs so you know you are getting a true professional inspecting your roof for damage. If we find anything like this picture shows – an actual hole in your roof, we will tarp it for you, also at no cost.

Stormy Summer in the Rockies

“Is it over yet? Make it stop!”  Well, sorry folks. The Colorado monsoonal weather pattern is preparing to set in for the next couple months as usual here on the Front Range. What that usually means is a beautiful early morning, heating up into the high 80’s or 90’s through mid to late afternoon – then Boom! Thunderstorm!

So here’s to Summer in the Rockies!

Colorado Monsoon Thunderstorm picture
Summer in Colorado during monsoon season.

All Business is Personal

We wrote a small article on our Google My Business page on how we feel about our customers, prospects and vendors.  Every interaction we have with others is personal – it’s about relationship building. Are we building up this relationship? Are we following the golden rule? It’s our goal to treat others as we would want to be treated. We truly are people people. Awkward statement but we enjoy being with others and we want to be the person they choose to do business with. It’s a truism that people buy who they like. Who wants to do business with someone who doesn’t care about you?

Similar to this truism is “People buy on emotion, and justify with logic”. Our roofing business is no different. Our customers need to enjoy doing business with us. We need to be ourselves, be who we are: friendly, professional, educated, respectful, honest.

You can read more here:

Trump has a Leak Problem

Find That Leak!  Ok – this is not about Trump…it’s about your roof.

Most people think a roof leak is going to be found directly above the spot inside the house where the water mark has appeared on their ceiling. Sometimes it is this simple, sometimes it takes the FBI to figure it out. Water finds the path of least resistance. It will wait in pools underneath your roofing system, patiently waiting for something to give way so it can do it’s destruction.

As a Denver roofing company we find most leaks start near a penetration to the roof system. A vent pipe, a chimney area or similar disruption to the

Wind damaged shingle on a Denver roof

roof material. Age, weather, hail, wind, foot traffic and other causes can be the source of a roof leak.

If you feel you might have a leak, give us a call. We offer free roof inspections and estimates should a repair or replacement be required. Check out our website here to learn more about finding a roof leak and other roof repairs.