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Davinci Roofscapes in Denver Colorado

Davinci roofing installation in Denver
New Davinci Roofing

Davinci Roofscapes roofing is a composite roofing shingle designed to look like a real wood shake or slate roof. It is a sophisticated style, super durable, eco-friendly, and high dimension alternative to wood shake roofing. The home in this picture is a mansard-style roof, made popular in France long ago. The roofline comes down over the windows, creating a very unique presentation.

Many homes in Denver were built with this look and they were covered with cedar wood shake. These homes looked great for a few years but then the Shake wood fades and dries out here in Colorado with our dry climate and intense sun. Not an ideal long-term solution.

Davinci Roofscapes is a popular choice for homeowners looking to replace wood shakes with something else other than real wood. If you look closely at our image here, it is very hard to tell that this is a 100% synthetic shingle. This roof will likely outlive the homeowner. It is Class 4-rated to withstand most hail and wind. It’s also a good choice if you live in a fire-prone area.

To read more go to our Google My Business post on a current Davinci Roofscapes Denver Installation.

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Author: Greg Jones

Greg Jones is the Managing Partner of New Roof Plus. Greg has over 20 years of roofing and home exterior restoration experience. Greg is a Colorado native and has raised his family here in the Denver Metro Area. Greg is certified by many manufacturers and organizations. The reviews you will read about Greg Jones show his commitment to customer service.

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