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New Roof – Old Solar

New Roof Plus Solar Panels
New roof with solar panels

So you need a new roof after all the hail this year. But you have solar panels and you’re concerned about choosing the right roofing company to do both jobs – fix the roof and reinstall the solar system.

Roof Penetrations Are a Source of Leaks

As solar becomes more popular and more homes install solar systems, the roof replacement part becomes a more common dilemma. A solar system installed on a roof creates lots of what roofers call “penetrations”. Penetrations refer to any hole through the roof structure. Penetrations are the usual source for a future leak. Prior to solar systems, roof leaks were often found to be around chimneys, pipes or vents coming up from the house. These were easy to find penetrations. When you install a solar system, the number of leak sources increases dramatically. Every panel of a solar system is attached via penetration through your roof.

To avoid future problems, a good roofing company knows the proper process and techniques to secure your roof until the whole roof needs replacement – avoiding the leak potential of solar roof penetration.

New Roof Plus has years of first-hand experience both in the reinstallation of a solar system and in the initial installation of a NEW solar system.  Here’s a review quote from a client who had this exact issue. New Roof Plus made this customer happy!

We had a hail damaged roof with solar panels and gutter issues. We travel and have busy lives so there is not a lot of time to take care of all of these items. Greg with New Roof Plus came in and took the entire project on and oversaw and coordinated the gutter installation, solar panel removal, storage, and re-installation and even took care of the paperwork with our insurance. He is truly a pleasure to work with and very professional. We would HIGHLY recommend Greg and New Roof Plus for your roofing needs.” ~ Steven Mussman

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Author: Greg Jones

Greg Jones is the Managing Partner of New Roof Plus. Greg has over 20 years of roofing and home exterior restoration experience. Greg is a Colorado native and has raised his family here in the Denver Metro Area. Greg is certified by many manufacturers and organizations. The reviews you will read about Greg Jones show his commitment to customer service.

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